Pizza Mania

Amazing how the pizza landscape in LA has been transformed! My 2 favorite pizzas for a while now are the pesto/burrata & sausage pies which I shared last night at South End, Mario Vollera’s Pizzeria & wine bar in Venice & the Nancy Silverton /Matt Molina Triple Beam Pizza in Highland Park…knocks me out!


South End continues to be under-rated. I like them a whole lot, too.

But Pizzaria Mozza has them beat, for my tastes.

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Charred octopus pizza at Baldoria is currently my favorite pie. In fact, most of the pies at Baldoria are damn awesome.


Top photo: what is that between the slices? Please and thanks.

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pesto…youre welcome!

Ah, how cool and fun. I think pesto can be overdone so that allows you to take however much/little you want. Like it.

never heard of this place, ipsedixit…looks real nice!

really can’t stand pesto cooked . I love pesto in its raw state .

The Fields next to Banc of California Stadium is now open and we tried Chef Chad Colby’s Piccolo Antico Pizzeria Focacceria

OMG! I’ve had all the roman pizza places in town and this one owns them all. It had the perfect mix of crisp crust (But not too thick) and great toppings. GENEROUS. Not like Triple Beam. It’s open everyday and an easy walk from the Expo Line. The prices are not too outrageous either…

As much as we loved the Pizza… We were blown away by the Focaccia sandwiches. I’ve never had focaccia that was so solid but also so soft. The sandwich was super simple but that is what good italian food is about. It really allowed the mortadella and bread (and a lovely oil and citrus dressing you can ask for) shine,


Maybe that’s where I was going. Thanks, em.

I don’t believe the pesto in the Kinny Pizza from @lapizzamaven is “cooked”.

The kitchen dresses the pizza with pesto after it’s out of the oven and cut (or divided).

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Ah, thanks.

yes indeed


@lapizzamaven give la morra pizza a try sometime. It’s a roving pizza oven that does new age Neapolitan pizza.

We were at tabula rasa wine bar and had great mushroom and margherita pies.

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guys… am i crazy about wanting to open a proper east coast pizza shop? i know a lot on the topic and busted my ass at one as a teenager for 4 years… but i have a job job… there are areas severely undeserved currently and with the neopolitan or roman trend there’s an obvious void

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never a bad idea…I wanted to do that years ago in Brentwood but rents are way too high now…Prime Pizza on Fairfax is one thats been great every slice I’ve had there…I read there’s a pizzeria in DTLA thats Brooklyn style(Pizza Lupetti)…but def still a need

Prime is a big disappointment to me over the years. They’re just decent now, when they started they were superb. Their square pizza was twice as good before and they took off slice options they had also. Still best around for regular slice but about same as Joe’s.

Just not sure i want to trade this life for that one.

Don’t do it.

Stick to your “job job”.


but i know what i’m doing… and i know numbers… and the upside is far greater vs job… but the hours