Pizza near JFK

No time to go into Manhattan. A few people have recommended New Park Pizza. Solid choice? Just looking for something a short Uber ride from the airport. Suggestions?

I don’t know that’s really anything worthwhile to actually leave security and Uber for within a convenient ride of JFK (i.e. 5 miles or so).

Personally, I would just hang at the airport, and if you want pizza, try Tagliare (in T2) or Vino (in T4). Neither of which will knock your socks off, or even nudge them slightly down your calves, but they’re certainly not significantly worse than anything within a short Uber ride of JFK (after factoring in the hassle of security, wait time, etc.).

Of course, YMMV.

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I’m actually spending the night at an airport hotel, so the security thing isn’t an issue - but seeing as how I’ll be back at the airport in the 5am hour, I’m looking for a quick and tasty “non-airport-hotel” evening füd.

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Maybe see if Patsy’s in Brooklyn will deliver?

Nicks Pizza in Forest Hills. Take the air train to Long Island Railroad, then LIRR to Forest Hills station and you are a block away - so easy. One of my favorites, even though not coal oven it is in that style.

I went to New Park Pizza. I wanted hot pizza with a good NY crust, so I didn’t want delivery.
The good - a 2 item slice (where they just put two items on the top of a slice of cheese and reheated it) - very good crust. Nice slice of NY pizza.
The bad - a slice of pepperoni. Greasy as all can be, and a crust that not even the reheating could save.

If nearby again (and with others), I’d order a fresh whole pie. For “by the slice,” it seems like you just win some and lose some. I’d expect that the pepperoni was quite the aberration given the crowds there and that NYers wouldn’t put up with that for long.