Pizza prices in South OC

Our favorite pizza comes from a maybe 40 year old restaurant near us. An 18” 3-topping pie costs around $25. I follow local social media and frequently see pieces about what seem to be really good pizza offerings (at maybe more upscale restaurants)…… but they’re almost all in the $30-$35 range for the same 18” pie. It’s hard to imagine them being that much better than our favorite.

We’re happy where we are but wonder what folks think about pizza prices these days. Just part of rising food costs, or???

Food, labor, rent, utilities, Doordash etc. delivery charges.

At this 40-year-old place do you order at the counter? Is it cash only? Is it mostly owners / family working there? Do they not use delivery apps? Do they own the building? Those are all things that could help them keep prices down.

I’d say no to all of those things, so should I assume you feel $30-$35 is normal?

What’s your favorite pizza place?

Peppino’s, in Aliso Viejo. ‘Sister’ restaurant Joe’s Italian (in Ladera Ranch) is newer and has around the same price for pies. Joe started the whole group years ago.


I live in Berkeley so prices probably aren’t necessarily comparable. My usual order at my usual place is pepperoni, sausage, and muishrooms, $31 for 16" or $41 for 20".

Inflation pretty much everywhere in every industry these days. Now if gas prices went back down to around $3/gallon again (not likely), then maybe these prices would be rolled back to the old days. But alas…