Pizzeria Bianco

had a fantastic dinner at pizzeria bianco. the pizzas were really good and the crust was great but I was blown away by the flavors and textures of the farinata and antipasto with focaccia. highlights of the night.


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so simple but executed so well, the crisp/soft texture was perfect.

farmers market salad - melon, fennel

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can’t go wrong with excellent ingredients

antipasto - trumpet mushrooms, golden beets, corn, peppers, eggplant puree, pickles

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this was the most flavorful and tasty antipasto I’ve had in a long time. we couldn’t stop eating it and before we knew it, it was all gone. make sure to order the excellent crispy focaccia, goes great with everything especially the eggplant puree.

marinara - tomato sauce, oregano, garlic, add anchovies

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rosa - red onion, parmigiano reggiano, rosemary, santa barbara pistachios

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wiseguy - wood-roasted onion, fresh smoked mozzarella, fennel sausage

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melon sorbetto

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like a key lime pie but with intense melon

a bang bang with kato was perfect


Hi @PorkyBelly,

Sounds like what you, @J_L, many of us were all talking about in the first place: That hyping of Tartine Bianco before it opened, being repeatedly reminded that it’s a collaboration between “Chris Bianco of Pizzeria Bianco and Tartine’s owners…” and then we saw the menu.

No pizza. :expressionless:

I guess when Tartine Bianco failed, money talks, and he’s decided to make pizza again? Hopefully it’ll be better than what we got out of Tartine Bianco.


Hope this works out for him. I heard he was hesitant to open up a pizzeria due to health issues.

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He can’t work around flour much any more. His employees do.


As Robert commented, Chris’ health(baker’s lung?) forced him away from pizza making…but I anxiously await his pizzeria! yippee!

Great for us. But I feel terrible that he has to sacrifice his health again. Or that he probably won’t be in the kitchen much because of this. I’m sure a lot of people resented his not doing pizza from the very beginning, but it’s still a shame that his attempt to branch away from it for the sake of his health, didn’t work out.

Not sure this is even going to the needle much for most folks outside of serious pizza fans. Esp considering the state of pizza options available in LA now and ?lack of foot traffic on the weekdays.

would having pizza on the original menu saved the original tartine Bianco?


If I remember right he stopped making pizza himself before he opened his second and third pizza places.

Maybe if the ROW DTLA added residential units and wasnt entirely depending on retail food traffic or ofice space leasing they would have more steady business for the restaurants. As of right now Hayato is the only place driving traffic on the weekdays and they only have 7 seats per night.

So far its been a bit of a joke in terms of foot traffic with Smorgaburg being the only driver of it. I am worried about the businesses there that took a chance on this development.


there’s also rappahannock and now m. georgina

Is Pikunico still alive?

yes, but was completely empty saturday night.

That is quite an understatement.
Really hoping M. Georgina can turn the tide.

not cheap

$65 for 1 pizza, 1 Nancy’s chopped salad and 1 budino.

That’s an August 13 Bianco + Mozza pop-up. You can order just pizzas.

Sonny Boy - Organic flour, Bianco DiNapoli tomatoes, homemade mozzarella, soppressata, Gaeta olives.


Margherita - Organic Flour, homemade Mozzarella, Bianco DiNapoli tomatoes, Organic Basil


Rosa - Organic flour, Parmigiano Reggiano, red onion, AZ pistachios, rosemary.


Wiseguy - Organic Flour, House smoked Mozzarella, Fennel Sausage, Wood Roasted AZ Sweet Onions


Pepperoni Sicilian PizzaThis delicious pizza could also be called pizza al taglio or grandma pie, but at Pizzeria Bianco, they call it Sicilian. A 12”x8” rectangular serving of this mouth-watering, pan-baked yummy goodness, with pepperoni


What is this exactly? Just a collab to do delivery pizzas on 1 day?


Montilla Meals is back with another round of its iconic restaurant series deliveries. This time they’re running the menu back a bit with par-cooked pizzas from Pizzeria Bianco out of Phoenix that are literally being driven in for distribution across Southern California. Those are paired with salads and more from Nancy Silverton’s Mozza, and delivered by the Montilla Meals team for at-home consumption.

As Saltzman grappled with stress, anxiety, and depression, his brother-in-law Michael Montilla, a former Spago chef turned high-end caterer, reached out with a business opportunity: While Montilla’s catering events were unceremoniously canceled within the span of days, his clients expressed interest in meals delivered to their homes. Even though neither Saltzman nor Montilla possessed food delivery experience, the two launched Montilla Meals within five days. The new service quickly gained traction among Angelenos sheltering in place with its affordable and diverse menu and stringently contactless service. Delivering meals three days a week, from Malibu to Mid-City to the Valley, Montilla Meals employs three drivers and a small band of out-of-work cooks. “There’s so much loyalty from Michael’s customers — it’s 98 percent repeat business. We’re at the point now where we’re maxing out.”

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Well I guess I don’t feel bad about paying goldbelly $135/4 anymore.

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spring 2022


Woot woot moar pizza