Pizzeria Bianco

Sergio was there. He was just schmoozing instead of at the pass covering for his absent chef de cuisine.

Most of those pies were absurdly overtopped. Sad.


i don’t get the Rosa. I can’t have more than a slice just like max.


In Bianco’s published recipe for the Rosa, the toppings are two ounces of Reggiano, 1/3 of a red onion, 1 teaspoon of chopped rosemary, and two tablespoons of chopped pistachios, plus a drizzle of olive oil. What makes it so you can’t eat more than one slice (a sixth of that)?


Oh wow the pie in his IG looked more like a whole cup of pistachios

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To each their own, I loved the Rosa and could eat a whole pie myself, I don’t even particularly love pistachios.


I love pitachio, I don’t need the pie. We should team up, I’ll eat the pitachio and you can have the pie :muscle::muscle::muscle:

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Too much pistachio. Onions too sharp. Recipes are nice in theory. But zero chance what I had only had 2tbsp of pistachio.


Maybe Max’s passionfruit ice cream was bad because it wasn’t ice cream. Ours was sorbet and delicious. :wink:


Any good pizza recipe can be ruined by too much topping.

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Ive never met a nicer guy than Sergio!


For takeout, can you call ahead to order? Or do you have to show up, wait in line, order, and then wait for the full-size pizza to be ready?

just got home from My first dinner at Bianco. I will say that 2 visits for sorpressata slices were real good but given the present exalted state of pizza in LA, I wasn’t that excited…However, after tonite I can confidently say that the pies were every bit as good as my first visit to Bianco in Phoenix 20 years ago…Jesus, just typing this is bringing back the taste explosion of the first bite in to the Wise Guy! plentiful, delicious juicy sausage, creamy mozzarella and the crust!!! the crust was exquisite!

it was a perfect pie…actually, we started with the antipasto which reeked of intoxicating flavors…most of it is sitting in my frig because the pie’s arrival took precedence! Then the Margherita: pure simplicity, pure perfection…sparkling sauce, basil, creamy mozz and Perfect crust…the only bummer was that for some reason even though I intended to order the Rosa, somehow I said biancoverde and it was too heavy for me…not to mention that I frown on that kind of greenery on my pizza…

all went down nicely with a sparkling Lambrusco…and Sergio chatted with us twice and he is such a nice guy, that always brightens the experience…so yeah, Im thrilled beyond belief that the Pope of Pizza is in LA!



Ok, look, I know I’m digging myself out of a deep reporting hole, so travel back in time with me to the first week of September. This was all before the time I realized you could go halfsies on pies :crazy_face:

Melon and Fennel





Everything that night was high level, with my favorites being the Rosa and Antipasto. I wanted to do the Farinata, but was shot down by my friends.

The Wiseguy was a bit over-cheesed, but still good. And while I liked the melon at the time, that was Pre-Hayato melon. And melon will NEVER be the same again.

Of course I pre-banged at Kato…

Milk Punch (honestly my favorite cocktail in LA)

Uni Donut


Got here Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend at 10:20am. We were the first people here but sat by the front entrance. The line actually starts at the window around the corner with slices in neon lights on white tile. Would have been nice for somebody to tell us or say something. No biggie. Make sure you don’t make the same mistake. By the time the window opened at 11am we were 7th or 8th in line with maybe 20 parties total waiting to order.

Market slice was fantastic. Not as thick as the Sicilian but lovely marriage with the salami and spicy peppers. Excellent crunchy bottom.

Sicilian slice was thick with bright globs of red sauce. Not as crispy on the bottom as the market slice.

Salami slice. My son loves salami and pizza. He ate the entire slice and most of the market slice.

Half red and half green pie. Pesto was more nutty than herby. Delicious. My daughter hates pesto and asked for her own slice after tasting a bite. The red slices were great. I buy the same Biacno tomato cans but why doesn’t my sauce taste the same? The bread itself is top notch. Every crust was eaten. No soldiers left behind.

My kids unofficial pizza ratings

  1. Bianco
  2. Superfine when Sergio was in the house
  3. Tied for 3rd
    Little Coyote
    Pizza Wagon

Not Quarter Sheets or Pizzeria Sei?


haven’t been to either yet

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My recipe for pizza sauce is pretty similar. Uncooked but I add a little bit of sugar and don’t add any basil. I use the crushed Bianco tomatoes (blue can) and it sounds like they use the whole tomatoes (beige can). I’ll have to give this recipe a try and see if there is a significant difference.


Anyone want a table for 2 at 630p tomorrow?