Pizzeria Sei

Salami Misti
Tricolore salad


We didn’t know that there’d be so much green on the Salami Misti (hence 2x salad).

mala lamb
special marinara
pizza y


Don’t see the hailey on their menu! Intrigued

Edit: I see that on the pic of the omakasesei above. Can we get that for regular dinner service?

@PorkyBelly over half of those are pizzkasei only lol

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you’ll have to ask, if they have the ingredients they might be able to make it for you.

there’s another omakasei coming up on tuesday so you might get lucky.


Phenomenal meal last night! Mushroom crostini, salami misti, giardiniera, bianco pizza, mala lamb pizza. Everything, and I mean every bite, was exceptional. My companion thought the lamb was too spicy. It’s pretty hot but damn the flavors pop! Wish I had room for tiramisu. Sergio had gone home by the time we arrived, 8:00, but his understudies held shop magnificently. For me, it just doesn’t get any better.


You in on Saturday? We were too! We found room for tiramisu. The mala lamb destroyed me but was well worth it.


Damn, everyone was there last night


the true influencers


almost had an ftc buyout, review forthcoming @NYCtoLA @chrishei @hppzz @J_L @JLee @raihan?


korean style amberjack ceviche, tosazu, cucumber, nori gremolata, sesame, shiso, rouge de bordeaux wheat from tehachapi grain project

kakinuma style marinara - corbarino tomato, basil, garlic, amalfi oregano, sicilian sea salt, extra virgin olive oil

childhood memory pizza: 90s pizza hut - romesco, stracciatella, anchovies, capers, taggiasca olives, lemon zest

patate with astrea caviar - wood fired oven roasted gold round potato, creme fraiche, fior di latte, parmigiano reggiano, pecorino romano, chives, astrea caviar “grand schrenckii”

hailey 1.0 - champagne vinegar marinated cherry tomato, garlic, shallot, zucchini blossom, mix of citrus zest, anchovy, smoked provola, sea salt, basil, aioli

margherita special - california tomato, caseificio il casolare buffalo mozzarella, basil, sea salt, extra virgin olive oil

true influencer @chrishei

savoy “pizza y” - line caught big eye tuna from honolulu hawaii, mayonnaise, corn, chive, wasabi

mala spiced lamb sausage - creme fraiche, shallot, bell pepper, smoked provola, cherry tomato, lamb sausage,mala spiced chili, extra virgin olive oil, cilantro flowers

tom yum shrimp - transparent sea farm king prawn, tom yum spiced tomato, red panang curry, thai basil, bell pepper, thai shallot, maui onion, lime, shellfish oil

dessert pizza: misugaru - toasted koshihikari rice cream, misugaru, valrhona chocolate milk mousse, madagascar vanilla bean, bubu arare

special delivery hoshigaki cookies from @hppzz


Omg! :drooling_face:


I don’t do reviews.

My rating system goes by the Glizzy Metric of Deliciousness

:hotdog: = dank
:hotdog::hotdog: = worth driving from eastside to westside (or vice versa)
:hotdog::hotdog::hotdog: = worth bringing a hot date

Therefore Pizzeria Sei get’s the coveted :hotdog::hotdog::hotdog: Rating.

Disclaimer: all jugdgements, ratings, and decisions are made in consultation with myself with complete and total disregard for everyone not named @chrishei "


The review says reservations for the next July 9th omakase open at noon on Thursday, July 1st. Problem is, Monday is the 1st and Thursday is the 4th. Any idea when reservations actually open?? My birthday is the 10th and dying to go to celebrate!

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The review says

slated to run every other Tuesday evening at 7pm, with reservations for each subsequent tasting menu generally dropping on Resy at noon the following day.

So if the next omakasei is Tuesday the 9th, reservations might be available on Wednesday the 26th? It looks like reservations are in general available two weeks ahead.

how many seats do you need? william really appreciates all the support on ftc and will always save seats for us when he can.


That’s good to know. Honestly, with how good every week has looked I kinda want a standing res. I’m only partially joking.

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I love this pizza


I’m going today. What are the must haves? Thx!