Places with take-out that Doesn't disappoint

I’ll start by saying that most of the places I’ve tried for takeout have been disappointments. Either the food itself doesn’t travel well or the packaging doesn’t do it justice. I have found a couple of exceptions: A Chau in City Heights and Thai Time on 30th in North Park. We hadn’t been to A Chau since the pandemic and were delighted to see that they were open on a Sunday morning! Their rice paper egg rolls and vermicelli bowl were as good as ever, and did not languish on the 15 min. ride back home. They were doing a lively business in take-out, assuring that those egg rolls were still fresh when we got ours.

As for Thai Time, I have eaten in, many times, for both their weekday lunch special and at dinner. The service has always been friendly. I’ve been several times for takeout since the lock down and have not been disappointed in the stir-fried items, the drunken noodles or the panang curry.

I hope to hear from some of our San Diego members regarding places they’ve tried for take-out that have been able to maintain quality in spite of the difficulties involved. I am looking for more options for pickup. I don’t like the gouging from the delivery services and frankly I think the food sits much longer.

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I’ve tried Terra (around 72nd and El Cajon) a few times and they’ve been pretty solid.

How about delivery instead of takeout?

Cali Dumpling San Diego only does delivery. Won Tons, Potstickers and other assorted goodies. They come frozen, 30 pieces per bag and the prep directions are on the front of the bag.

They are very good and easy to prepare. Had chicken potstickers today for lunch. I am planning to do won ton soup beefed up with some vegetables tomorrow for lunch.

So far I’ve been very happy with the quality of the products. I thought the prices were fair as well.

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Supernatural sandwiches, big fan!

My experience has been that with either takeout or delivery, what you choose from the menu is important, along with travel time. Some things travel well, others very poorly. Not all carry-out is closer to being right out of the kitchen – any more than with delivery – though, if you order online.

Asian noodle and rice dishes travel well, as with the curry and drunken noodles you’ve had from Thai Time. So do some Mexican plates, like those from Chipotle.

I’ve had pretty good luck with Sab-E-Lee in Linda vista, for carry-out. But I go there to order and pay, and get it as soon as it’s ready. Usually, though, I’ve been getting delivery, in part because often I’ve had a bit too much wine to drive… [Hic]

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They partner with Mama’s Lu From LA who get very high praise from the LA FTCers.

Joyees on Convoy also carries very good frozen dumplings, but not sure if you could have them delivered.

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I was very impressed with the potstickers I had for lunch. I’m looking forward to trying the won tons next. If they can maintain this level of quality in their product, I can see them being a regular item in my freezer.

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