Plaj for dinner

We had dinner here, but I have to say I would not come back or recommend.

We had a taxi take us to resto, and we thought we were at wrong location because it was a hotel, with no sign for Plaj. Calling takes two calls, because the number listed for Plaj is only a recording, giving you another number to call that in fact is answered by a human. Reminds me of that joke book from the 80’s, manners for rude people, that said to leave this on your answering machine, “if you were really important, you’d have the number where you could reach me.”

So resto was in hotel and we told driver to stop and we’d walk, since he’d continued driving. It was half a block walk, but people were high and I didn’t feel very safe.

We apologized to hostess for being late, saying we had trouble finding place. She was rude and sullen and seated us directly behind her hostess station in a mostly empty restaurant.

Our waiter was polite and took our cocktail order. They were both good drinks.

We got two appetizers. The first was a salmon marinated in beets, that sounded and looked better than it tasted.

A server brought us our next appetizer without explaining that we need to squeeze out the roe ourselves onto the blintzes. If we hadn’t flagged down the waiter and asked what the the orange piping tool was, we could have eaten it without the roe.

We ordered a bottle of wine to go with our main courses. It sat on the bar for over 5 minutes, while our waiter seemed otherwise occupied, in the very empty restaurant. Our main courses arrived and he still hadn’t brought our wine.

I got the elk with potatoes. It was overwhelming vinegary.

Husband got the beef cheeks. The meat was melt in your mouth tender, but so acid heavy that he could not eat it. We had to switch courses. With the potatoes, he could tolerate the vinegar level of my dish, but neither us us finished our food.

Even the beet cured salmon tasted heavily of acid. I like acid, I can drink pickle juice, but to rely on it as your main flavor for so many courses seems lazy.

I’ve written on FTC before that, for fine dining, I want/expect very good service. This place had neither great service nor good food.

We asked them to call us a taxi. It never came. No one at restaurant seemed to care that we were waiting, unlike every other place we went. At Cotogna, the manager walked our with us! At Wursthall, we were invited to sit at the bar. Here, nothing. We walked over to the street where I saw taxis driving by and a couple began to scream at each other, the woman carrying a broken broom stick, or what looked like one. Husband said this is unsafe, so we returned to hotel and called ourselves a taxi that arrived almost immediately. Coming from other direction, there is a sign for resto.

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When were you there?

A few weeks ago.

Which night of the week?

A Friday night.

Can’t blame it on the B team, then.

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Wowza. That is awful!

I’ve eaten at Mexican burger places that had better service. And less acid ; )

I remembered the book - Etiquette for Rude People