Planning a week in LA

Places I’m thinking about:

Chi Spacca*
Jun Won*
Night+Market Song
Petit Trois*
Rustic Canyon*
Saap Coffee Shop*

*Went last year and want to return.

Updated list:

Broken Spanish
Chengdu Taste
Chi Spacca
Grand Central:

  • Bombo fish stew
  • DTLA Cheese
  • Madcapra falafel with with fermented zhug
  • Wexler’s
    Jun Won
    Odys & Penelope
    Orsa & Winston - lunch
    Petit Trois
    Q Sushi - lunch
    Ruen Pair - egg and salty turnip
    Rustic Canyon
    Saap Coffee Shop
    Trois Mec

Looks like a good list to me. I do enjoy Petit Trois because it’s simple French bistro fare…the foie terrine is terrific as is the escargots.

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Why Song vs Night + Market? I would recommend Night + Market over Song.

I would also recommend Mori if you like sushi. Shunji if you like the cooked creations.

Song’s more convenient. What’s better about the original?

Not exactly equivalent but I would try Gjusta over Wexler’s


No infamous pig tail and I think no pork shank.

I’m also told spice and flavor profiles toned down at Song.

If you like it spicy consider luv2eat. The mild crap curry is a scorcher.

I enjoyed my one trip to Ruen Pair much more than I did my one trip to Sapp. Everyone else here seems to love Sapp, though, so perhaps I need to give it another try.

Anything in particular you’re looking for? Criteria? Price range? Solo? Group? Cuisine?

Your list is both fine and terrible depending on what you’re looking for.

I find Saap’s boat noodles are the strongest flavored and tastiest for me.

The other items you could probably find better around town. I have yet to find tastier boat noodles.

I’m a big fan of Ruen Par but use it mostly as my post midnight go to spot.

I’m a regular at Ruen Pair, you are not alone in enjoying it more than Sapp (although I have to admit the hours of the two places come into play a bit for me personally as well lol)

I think they stopped doing that pork shank (the kar moo parlow?) a while ago unfortunately.

But holy shit, they’re making boudin noir for DineLA!

I’ve got to get over there! I wish I hadn’t read this at 10:29 since they close at 10:30…there is not enough boudin noir in this city!

Thanks for the update. Just looked at the online menu for Night + Market and looks like the protein dishes are gone. Shame.

At least the pig tails are still there.

Alimento - I would like to see you go here just to see what the hell you think of it compared to SF places, but I actually suspect you may not like it. I’m not sure what specifically is drawing you to the place though, there is a certain amount of variability in the dishes.

Cassia - You really should, if only to try their laksa. To my knowledge there is no great laksa in SF (or anywhere else in LA). Seems like you would enjoy it a lot.

Chi Spacca* - Was Colby still there when you left? Well, probably just as good anyhow.

Night+Market Song - Much more fun atmosphere, but overall less adventurous menu because it has to serve a much higher volume compared to the original location (Silver Lake hipsters like thai food more than Bev Hills socialites I guess). Imo you cannot go “wrong” at either one though. Get the beef tendon panang if you go, it’s available at both locations. But in WeHo you can get fried pigtails and the best thai ice cream sandwich I’ve ever had (among other fun things) that you cannot at Song.

Petit Trois* - Awesome as ever, but you should go to Trois Familia instead. New exciting, fascinating, yet same simple aesthetic and classic cooking as at Petit Trois.

Rustic Canyon* - It seems like they have seriously been working on their menu here, and J Gold said it’s the #5 place in the whole city. I keep trying to find someone to go split the eponymous chateaubriand and hit up all the michelin-plated dishes, but hasn’t happened yet, so idk… sure be great for everyone if you end up there haha

Saap Coffee Shop* - Too much other Thai you should go to instead of returning there. Isaan Station Lu2Eat, etc…

Terrine - Pretty sure you would kick yourself for going here. SF does this type of food lightyears better. The PR for the place is dynamite, I would say don’t get suckered in. But it’s your life.

Wexler’s - Have you already been to Langer’s and Greenblatt’s? Or would you be going for bagels?

Places you should be considering:

Hatchet Hall - Obscenely great modern Southern cuisine. To my knowledge there is nothing on this level in SF. It’s lightyears away from Brenda’s, the closest thing to Sean Brock’s Husk on the West Coast. This would be my number 1 recommendation for you to add to your list. It’s somewhat underrated, as they’ve done very little PR compared to other similar caliber restaurants, but they are packed every night purely based on quality of the food. Ask anyone in the place how they heard about it and they will most likely say “My friend came and told me the food were was unbelievable, and they were right!” (I actually tried this experiment last time I was there). Eater LA chose it for their Staff Dinner.

Love & Salt - like Flour + Water or Cotogna, but more extremely California, and more playful + meaty. I don’t think any such place in SF served rabbit porchetta, or a half pigs head alongside bone marrow pasta’s made tableside. I would for sure eat there over Alimento if I had to choose between the two.

Odys & Penelope - Maybe it wouldn’t wow you, but it’s like California-Brazilian? The food is of exceptionally high quality, and the desserts are unbelievable (I often take people there just for dessert haha).

Jon & Vinny’s - Might seem silly, but idk if there is a place doing “high quality” Italian American in SF? Everything is super craveable, and awesome there. The meatballs alone are worth stopping in for.

I’m tempted to say Charcoal Venice, but probably a little too similar to SF aesthetics.

Are you interested in Mexican at all? You have zero picks. I would at least say go try out a torta cubana from Super Torta’s D.F. for something quick that you probably wouldn’t find in S.F.

In other news, if you’re flying down, I’ll pay you cost + fee and transport you from LAX if you bring some meatball + egg banh mis from ba le, and some kouign amann’s from b patisserie =P

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Yeah. I don’t think that pork shank ever sold that well. I remember I went to N+M alone when they first opened, and it seemed so unusual I ordered the whole thing, and pig tails, and some other stuff. I had leftover pork shank in the fridge for at least 3 days after that meal.

Remember when they did the salt-crusted fish too?

Ah what memories… they really moved away from those large format dishes it seems.

Their ikura fried rice is phenomenal though, looks like scallops in the DineLA version, but I had a version with Uni at Song a month ago, and it was probably the most baller, and tasty fried rice I’ve ever had.

Langer’s goes without saying.

Alimento, reading more I wonder if I confused with someplace else. I’m staying downtown so that’s probably enough hipsters.

Petit Trois serves a kind of simple very French food I can’t get at home. The menu at Trois Familia doesn’t interest me.

Sapp I had the jade noodles last time. I haven’t found anything much like that at home. Probably try the boat noodles this time.

Terrine for the dishes Jonathan Gold raved about: simple foie gras, garbure, charcuterie.

Wexler’s for the smoked fish. I’m staying two blocks away.

Gjusta’s on my radar. If there’s a heat wave I’ll probably be out that way at lunchtime.

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Probably solo for the most part. I’'m not very concerned price but have no interest in tasting menus. Mostly looking for things I can’t get in the SF / Oakland area or that LA does better (such as sushi).

Zero interest in breakfast or sweets.

By all means go back to Petit Trois then, it remains as great as ever.

The garbure is not always available at Terrine. You can get foie gras terrines at so many other places, it seems like a sort of strange thing to go for, but if it’s that great to you, then by all means.

Oh, you ever visit Republique?

You might enjoy trying to jade noodes at Luv2Eat.

Might as well hit up Wexler’s if you’re that close, can’t hurt.

Gjusta is spectacular, for many things of course. Out of curiosity, what interests you there?

I can handle Thai-spicy, so long as it makes sense and is balanced by other flavors. Luv2Eat sounds great.

In LA you can get foie gras terrines at lots of places where the chef doesn’t think it’s supposed to come with maple syrup or strawberry jam?