Playa Amor - Brief Report

Just kind of stumbled into this place the other day while getting my car cleaned out nearby, but have heard of it before.

Cheap cocktails that are pretty tasty.

A playa colada for $10, refreshing, fruity, and good texture,

A $7 mango con chile came with its own chile-coated mango sucker, really pleasant.

$5 happy hour guacamole was pleasantly creamy, if not necessarily earth-shattering. Ask for habanero salsa.

Mole Tot Poutine is really pleasant. Tots could be crispier, but basically becomes a sort of potato mole cheese casserole that is pretty addictive, especially for $6 at happy hour.

Nice to have the place right here to drink at while getting the car cleaned out.

I think I was the only person in the place under 60 eating there…which explains why even the habanero salsa was not that spicy haha

Anyway, it might be worth going to for mole tot poutine if you are in the area, and cheap cocktails.