‘Playing Russian roulette with your health’: my encounter with LA’s raw-milk,

Edited to add this link, which is one heck of an article:

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I do love raw milk but I’ll take mine powdered animal organ free. Thank you very much.

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For comparison: processed meat is linked to about 34,000 cancer deaths a year. Sodas and other sweetened drinks are linked to about 200,000 deaths a year.

I can’t think of anything more disgusting than a hot dog and Coca Cola, but I don’t try to prevent other Americans from eating that. If I want to drink raw milk and eat raw cheeses, that’s my prerogative.

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Not really an equivalent. You won’t drink a soda and hotdog and immediately fall ill E. coli (unless improperly cooked).

I’m totally fine with people consuming raw milk but we need real guidelines and protection cause a lot of stupid people exist.

In this article one of the raw milk producers specifically said people are looking for h1n1 infected cow milk as a possible immunization. Against h1n1 lol.


I have no interest in drinking raw milk, but the US’s restrictions on raw-milk cheeses are really annoying.