Pliny the Either

Just inadvertently found Pliney the Elder at Bristol Farms in Westchester. Facing the beer case, it’s hiding in plain sight on the bottom shelf, to the extreme left.

The liquor department only leaves two out at a time, and that’s the limit per. “We seem to have more than usual, but because people tend to go crazy over this beer…” I think all those LMU monied coeds pump the demand.

Remember your first high school love? Pliney was my first and best IPA crush. Leaving me with a bitter taste in my mouth was never so sweet.


Bottom shelf, extreme left? Wtf?

That’s good intel! I know this isn’t a beer forum but when you can’t find it (as is common,) you might want to try Alpine’s Duet as a substitute.

I often see Pliny the Elder on shelves. It’s one of two beers that Russian River brews year-round.

Bristol actually has been a semi-reliable source of Pliny for quite some time now…

I’m sure it’s to make the supply last.

I do like Duet. But for me, Pliney seems to have a more balanced flavors.

I rarely seek out Pliny since Noble Aleworks, Bottle Logic and Monkish are in town.

I’ll buy it if I see it, but my hydro flask growlers are always in the car for a beer run. :slight_smile:

On the shelves? Is this up north? I’ve mentioned before that grocery stores (around Santa Rosa) would have side stacks and end displays of Pliney. Finding Pliney on tap was pretty easy up in the general area north of the Bay was easy as well.

Bristol Farms used to dedicate two rows for Pliney on the cold shelves. A hand-written sign was posted under it stating a two per person limit, but they found that approach ineffective. The supply was getting blown out constantly.

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Bristol Farms has been my go-to for Pliney as well. But I think most others who seek it knows this as well. The supply is typically inconsistent, thus the “semi-” qualifier, right? The supply has been so small and inconsistent in past years for that I quit asking.

Other places have Pliney as well. Whole Foods and Beverage Warehouse tend to carry it - same two-bottle limit. But I’ve asked for it and was rewarded with warm bottles. I don’t feel it’s proper to store beer - particularly Pliney -unrefrigerated. The esters are quit delicate and volatile. I remember hording Pliney after having my initial golden moment. Once it got past four to five weeks, the beer was not the same, even in refrigeration.

Courage and Craft at GCM carried it.

But, alas, it’s shuttered.

I’ve had Not ble - it’s excellent - but the bitter part doesn’t quite finesse me like Pliney.

I’ve yet to try Monkish - I remember you mentioning them. I’ve tried twice and driven by numerous times, but that line/number system killed me both times. I wasn’t able to get there early enough because of other commitments prior to going there. One of these days…

DTLA is too painfully inconvenient for me consider. I’m a Westside Wuss.

I’m going to Monkish tomorrow for the first time but I’ve had their cans on a few occasions. They are making world class IPA but they are of the hazy NE variety. It’s a much different type of beer than Pliny.

Monkish does can releases every Wednesday and sometimes Thursday at 4pm. They are the hardest cans of beers to acquire bc of the limited quantities. I know some crazy beer lovers who pay people to stand in line and buy beers for them off task rabbit.

Noble drops Nelson Showers and is one of the best DIPAs I have ever had. The Citra Showers is also amazing. Both are limited release. The other Showers series are good, but not mind blowing like the two mentioned.

Bottle Logic is really good but the crowds are getting ridiculous. Last time I waited 1 hour in line, they had some crazy release and the place was packed.

Monkish is fantastic for Vermont style hazy IPAs. Then go to Nijiya for some Meyer Ranch prime ribeye. Proceed drive home as fast as you can, it will make watching the Lakers lose that much less painful. That Nijiya also has really good sushi, probably the best sushi rice for market sushi. I was pleasantly shocked at how balanced the rice was.

I like Pliny and one of the best I have ever had was on tap, but for me the local places seemed to have surpassed the stuff Russian River is shipping down here. I recently had a bottle and thought it was good, but not as good as I remembered it from before. Same with Alpine, they used to sell some of the best hoppy beers ever, now they are just okay.

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Yes Pliny was the best 5 years ago but I would much rather have an IPA from BL or Monkish these days. Pliny is still a very good beer but not worth chasing around.

Bottle Logic is so popular now, the beer guy at Whole Foods told me they quit distribution to them because they sell too much beer at their brewery.

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Go early my friend. Or be patient.

I don’t recall which I had. I’m pretty sure it was one of those others in 2015. Noble is a very talented brewery. One of the most surprisingly impressive beers I’ve tried was from Noble - a “blonde” lactose milk stout brewed with coffee.

I might be locked into the flavor profile of Pliney and maybe if I’m lucky enough to stumble upon those other “showers” IPAs you mentioned. I tend to be a forager with no real strategy when it comes to seeking out beer (like what started this thread).

That Nijiya is a larger greater version of their West LA store. The prepared food kills any other Japanese food offered by any other grocery store that I’ve tried.


That is unfortunately what I’ve been told. At least we only have 3 kids between the ages of 4-7 with us.