Point fermin park recs

Going for a scenic drive to point fermin park and the Korean friendship bell in San Pedro. Lunch recommendations in the area?

Considering Maria’s Mexican restaurant on pacific Avenue which has a chile relleno lunch special. I’ve been craving a CR…

My default is Chori-Man. They don’t just have breakfast burritos, but a few lunchy type items and of course stock up on Chorizo on the trip home. They have a table outside, or just take it to go and enjoy on the bluff there.


X 2 for Chori-Man

Honestly I wish they would crisp up those burritos on a flat. The filling is delicious but the burrito itself is floppy


Chori Man is great but just as an alt:

Busy Bee for huge, legendary sandwiches
Pirozzi’s for Italian sandwiches
Happy Deli or El Taco for fast food burritos, breakfast or bean and cheese in particular.


Got the chile relleno burrito. Now I have to admit something that I’ve kept quiet about, in fear of losing angelino standing… I avoid burritos. I love Mexican food but the love of burritos escapes me. The chile burrito seemed to be quite good and I managed to eat about 80%. Glad to try a new FT endorsed place but likely not a return for me. I was disappointed the chorizo was only available as a frozen to go item. My initial plan was to order a couple of chorizo links and a side.

AH! Yeah, they don’t do links. It’s all bulk to go. Glad you enjoyed your burrito. I love burritos myself but I am super picky about them because flour tortillas around here can be so hit and miss. I save my burrito allocation for Tucson… LOL!!!

If you like Sausages, the legendary A-1 Market does make a sausage and peppers sandwich using their famous Italian sausage… I highly recommend that for another time.

From Yelp:
A photo at A-1 Imported Groceries


San Pedro’s old time classic sandwich shop:

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I know it’s beloved by locals, city workers, construction guys, and longies

It’s just ____ covered in marinara sauce. I love meatball sandwiches, sausage and pep, chicken and eggplant parm. It’s completely overboard with that marinara that hides pretty meh proteins. If you get a cold sandwich they slice the roll in half which is a huge pet peeve of mine and to this day I don’t know why this is an acceptable atrocity committed against a sandwich. Bay Cities does that too I think and all that stuff just slips out from a too hard of a roll. Busy Bee also charge extra for tomatoes and onions?

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If you ask for sauce you get the sauce. If you ask for juice you get the au jus.

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The Corner Store is a good, kinda hidden local spot to grab a sandwich. I second the Pirozzi’s rec and I also like A1 but I haven’t been since the new owners took over, I’ve heard good things though. I’m not personally a fan of Chori-Man - they’re VERY hit and miss. Colossus also sometimes offers a few lunch items. If you’re looking for something more sit down, Compagnon is fantastic and I also really like La Siciliana. Also, Brouwerij West has a really great rotating selection of food trucks - if Ciao Bella is there, definitely check’em out. I also have to add that if you want to try a true Pedro institution, hit up Jospeh’s Bakery for a slice of square pizza. I’m not sure how good it’ll be if you didn’t grow up on it (fully admitting my extreme bias here) but it’s a really unique spot worth checking out if you’re in the area.

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I’ve found the only way to eat a fully cut in half sandwich is slowly unrolling the wax paper ala burrito style.

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