Poke in the San Fernando Valley?

I’m trying to find a decent Poke place that’s reasonably priced, not Daichan’s. Any tips?

I’ve been on the same search. Only thing I found is Costco van Nuys sells it Friday through Sunday.

The Fish King in Glendale has at least four different types of poke, and since their remodel isn’t quite so downscale if you want to eat in - but you will probably want to take it to go.

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Costco Fridays-Sundays (at Culver City/MDR at their fresh fish stand) Check the Costco near you….

I’ve been told Costco Burbank on weekends also have it.

Since no Daichan, poke n roll glendale or pokinometry in hollywood just over the hill.

obviously if you’re deep in the valley these recs don’t make sense, but it’s not too bad from NoHo/Studio City/Van Nuys.

Northridge Costco Fri-Sun. We get it almost every weekend.

costco burbank does indeed have poke.

I tried Costco Van Nuys’ poke, and did not care for it at all. But I like Daichan’s, for instance.

I’m just wondering why all of these new poke places in LA aren’t coming to the Valley… I’m a bit disappointed is all. I keep reading about them, but they’re not in the Valley.

Which kind did you try? I don’t know about the other Costcos, but the Northridge one carries 4 different kinds – limau, wasabi, spicy ahi, and garlic shrimp. Like the limau one the best, but said it’s better now than when they first started making it. Same with the garlic shrimp – it was way too garlicky the first time I got it, but I tried it again last week and it was so much better now.

I think I got the limu poke. They had other, and maybe I should’ve tried the spicy (looked like it had mayo, I think). I think I tried these… a couple of months ago at least…?

I’d probably try spicy ahi, but wouldn’t try the limu one again in a hurry. It’s hard to try any of them, since “trying” involves buying a whole bunch.

@farmertomato kindly treated me to salmon and scallop poke from Poke Bar, a newish, build-your-own poke joint in Studio City. I added avocado, seaweed salad, edamame, green onions, fried garlic, and tobiko to my bowl. I also got a green tea macaron for good measure. Food was solid all around.


I had never eaten poke until about a month ago, so I have nothing to compare this place to except, umm, ALL the other food I’ve eaten in my life, but I can tell you that my new craving is for the just opened Poke Tiki at Ventura Blvd/Reseda Blvd in Tarzana, next to the CB&TL. Every ingredient is perfectly fresh, and they are very generous with the ingredients in these inexpensive build-your-own bowls. So far, they are even ignoring posted extra charges for some of the add-ons. I usually make a base of half brown rice and half salad, and my favorite fish are raw salmon, raw tuna, and bay scallops. I usually add avocado, crab meat, cucumber, green onions, dry seaweed, furikake, poke sauce, and spicy mayo. If you don’t plan to take it to go and put it in a larger bowl at home, you will want to go with a friend who will hold the light plastic bowl still while you toss the food. Also, if you can force yourself to save some for later, then you will have room for some of the best ice cream in L.A., at Wanderlust Creamery next door. I am so happy that these two places opened up here! (BTW, I have been pleased with JoJo’s Mediterranean in the same little complex.)

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