PokeMix, Pasadena

I had a bowl at PokeMix the other day. I got ahi, salmon and hamachi on it (slight upcharge for the hamachi). My one mistake was getting a bottom of greens and brown rice. I think the rice had been hanging around too long and was dry. Next time go with the white rice. Definitely a take out place. Not much space or atmosphere. They seem to have some interesting teas. I got a sample of something cold with, I think, blueberries. Too sweet for my preconceived notions of tea.

try pokenoya which is only 2 blocks away. think the ability to customize there makes it better.


Haven’t tried PokeMix because the pics on yelp and what not never look that good. Some other alternatives in the area I like:

Pokenoya – previous poster is right. This is probably the best of the bunch and has a good serving a fish. AND they don’t charge extra for avocado. Only downside is closed on Sundays. I think they even have a tofu poke for vegetarians?

Poke Salad Bar – right next to Cheesecake factory, but a much better meal, IMO. Has been consistently decent. I like it better than that little one in the alley on the same block because of the customization options. Also, good toppings.

That one is Spinfish Poke House.

Thanks for the tips.

Good rec. I had the MikoMiko. Pokenoya is more fushiony than PokeMix and it’s better.

Pokenoya report…they are OPEN SUNDAY :wink: we went for lunch around 1pm …just a few people there. Outdoor seating patio off the street frontage is a nice touch. I had a small bowl (selection of 3 fish) with mixed greens - spicy salmon, ginger shrimp and scallops and lots more fish types to select from. You can also just have multiple scoops of the same fish, so if you want to double up on shrimp, etc. it’s not an issue. They add a scoop of crab salad and other condiments/toppings of your choice, fyi…avocado is now an extra charge. Go for the fubar sauce if you like spicy… along with the poke sauce and sesame sauce. Good stuff.