Policy on Deleting Parts of Threads?

I would like to know the site policy regarding the deletion of parts of threads.

Specifically, this one:

Why were all posts after Feb 27th deleted, including those that were simply links?

While there were some unpleasant exchanges, there were also helpful, interesting contributions.

This decision is concerning and looks fairly arbitrary, at least from the outside.


That’s interesting. I read a bit of the back and forth and then lost interest.


That answers my question. Thank you.

Edited to add: the “thank you” was sincere and not snark, though I realize that it could be taken as the latter.

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Yes, but the new topic was named “Farmers Market?” What does that have to do with the Valley? I just counted at least 12 separate threads dedicated to Fruits & Farmers Markets. Believe me, there’s nothing clean about finding fruits on FTC. :wink: The thread my post was split from has all kinds of comments and posts. I’m not sure why mine was singled out by you and accommodated by the mods. I’m not a fan of starting new threads for every thought & question that pops in one’s mind and would’ve rather deleted my post. Example: If it were up to me posters wouldn’t start a new thread for every dish they cook. But I would never ask a mod to put someone else’s post where I think it should be… in What’s Cooking?

I wasn’t the one who named the new thread of suggested a name for the new thread. I would’ve assumed that they would’ve called it “Farmer’s Markets in the SFV?” (and you could’ve asked them to rename it as such)

I wouldn’t know b/c, when threads get long and unwieldly, my eyes glaze over, and I stop reading. Especially since, as the person who was responsible for nearly every single DoTM thread, my automatically sent tracking information every time someone has a “thought & question” and posts in any DoTM thread (well, any that I started, which was a lot). I guess I could turn off tracking for each of them manually (I already long ago turned off e-mail notification b/c it was totally overwhelming)…

The other thing is that, as threads get longer, it gets harder to find specific data in the thread b/c the search function in a single thread isn’t that great (at least, AFAIK). The search function within a single thread actually stinks (IMHO). I’ve been trying for weeks to find the name of a Santa Monica bakery that I think @bulavinaka had mentioned awhile ago and have been unsuccessful. But maybe I’m not using the right search terms.

So, for you, you only get notifications (presumably) when someone posts a response to your direct question; that’s not the case for me. I probably would not have asked the mods to change to a new post, if I hadn’t been automatically tracked on the post.

Also, I don’t recall what your original question was in that thread, but was it about finding fruits in FMs in the SFV, or was the actual text asking more broadly about FM (even if that’s not necessarily what you had intended)? They do sell other things besides fruits and vegetables at the Farmer’s Markets, and that might be interesting to other posters. I personally would not necessarily read every new post in the Fruit thread (and thus would’ve missed your question and every response, had I not been automatically tracking), but I would’ve read a new thread about FM’s in the SFV.

Just my $0.02.

If you’re that upset about it, why don’t you simply repost your question in the fruits thread? I won’t ask for the mods to re-locate it, and I doubt they would do so, based on your feedback.

This makes no sense. Start a SFV FM thread if you like. Turn off tracking if a thread bothers you. ASK someone if they care to start a new thread when their post bothers you. BTW… I tried to delete that split thread you and Ipse helpfully started for me, but couldn’t, so I changed the focus to my liking, of course, with other members needs in mind. Is that okay?

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And they wouldn’t start a new thread on a restaurant they’ve been to when there already is one. False pride perhaps?