Opens today inside button mash. review forthcoming?




I’ll bring quarters.


They take tokens :grin:

This looks interesting. And a nice bang bang opportunity with Quarter Sheets a short walk away.


Aw yeah. It’s on like Donkey Kong!

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and like Tron! (Both of which they have)


Went to a preview night and really enjoyed the hell out of it. If you like Estrano, I think you’ll dig this - still totally wild, but found it maybe a little more refined/focused/precise.

Red Curry Chochyote Fondue and Mapo Tofu Stuffed Cabbage were highlights at our table. Heard really good things about octopus and lamb neck from friends. Doesn’t hurt that there’s great beer too.


Srsly, so you’re saying they have more than a ghost of a chance at success.


this place sounds fantastic

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I hope so! Not to reply too earnestly to casual wordplay, but Silver Lake and Echo Park restaurants in particular seem to be going through a rough patch (as covered elsewhere), so I hope this place gets the support it really deserves.

It’ll be interesting to see what happens come dodger season, and how the neighborhood responds to something so far out in a barcade setting. Are families with kids going to let them wander and play games while parents crush a game hen stuffed with gizzard dirty rice? They should!


As long as the kids earn the game time with good grades lol.


from the eater profile, it seemed that the location was a struggle…


Is no one else tempted to say: “They’re here”?

They're here: Looking back at Poltergeist


No, that movie scared the f*ck out of me as a kid, and I was scared of static on a TV screen for a fairly long time!


“Ringu” just made me stop watching any screen for quite some time. #VHS

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Mostly liked, with a few reservations.

Lamb Neck - the panang didn’t quite come through, but delicious nonetheless. reminiscent of the pig’s tail at spice table (RIP), herbs, sauces and pickles, though the baos were kinda weak, and it all needed a lime. Huge portion as well.
Green Goddess Salad - loved the lime leaf in the dressing. a shade underdressed, anomalous given most restaurants drench their salads.
Octopus Burrata - fun combination, though the bread again was a little flat/weak.

Liked With Reservations:
Green Curry Bucatino - liked this, though the green curry wasn’t quite as flavorful as expected. not Holy Basil level curry paste I guess. Also wouldn’t be crazy to put cheese on this.
Parker House Roll - A little busy but my group liked.

I’d definitely go back for the lamb neck alone and to try more stuff. For me the breads could be improved(think i’m implicitly comparing to mission chinese when they had a pizza oven), but overall it’s fun and not expensive(relative to LA restaurants)! The lamb is a crazy value at $27.


first time having sergio’s “chaos cooking” and it was a bit of a mixed bag. (didn’t they call this “dude food” and “stoner cuisine” 15 years ago when animal opened?)

the grilled dorade with crispy malawach was probably the best dish of the night, moist flaky fish on crispy fried malawach. the game hen and lamb neck were good but couldn’t get over how bad the lamb accompaniments were. the saffron bao was cold and hard and the brusselkraut was extremely sour. salads were pretty good. prawns nicely fried, didn’t get the panna cotta. mapo tofu and broccoli beef were a bit too sweet. octopus was good.

on a positive note, i got the high score in tetris.

parker house roll, miso honey, furikake duqqa, fresno butter

green goddess salad, little gem lettuce, coconut lime leaf vinaigrette, rarragon, pandan flakes

honey walnut prawns, new caledonian blue prawns, celeriac kewpie, candied walnuts, horchata panna cotta, crispy rice salad

thai caesar salad, frisee, lemongrass, puffed rice crouton, smoked anchovies, parmesan

mapo tofu stuffed cabbage, silken tofu, smoked shiitakes, coconut rice, sichuan, calabrian chili paste

octopus burrata, squid ink fry bread, octopus al pastor, celery leaf chermoula, potato confit, tomatillo mostarda

green curry bucatino, lime leaf noodles, sunchoke curry, scallion confit, pistachio gremolata

broccoli beef ravioli, short rib, dark soy, brown butter, broccolini, parmesano reggiano

coconut curry chochyotes, red curry fondue, blue masa dumplings, oyster, shumeji, and king trumpet mushrooms, fried dill

sticky rice stuffed game hen, banana ketchup, pickled papaya, chicken gizzard dirty rice, radicchio

panang lamb neck, saffron bao, persimmon amba, pickled shiitake, pomegranate molasses, brusselkraut

grilled dorade, green malawach, blueberry gooseberry chili crisp, salsa verde, soft herbs

tres leches carrot cake, purple carrot sponge cake, cream cheese, bavarian, carrot top tapioca, thai iced tea sorbet


Is that the big wet-looking lump on the right?

Which part is the “bucatino”?

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Some, er, interesting plating/presentation choices.


Glad they called it fusion, it’s just old school not very warm global fusion…