Pomegranate - Georgian etc. (R.I.P. Kafe Sobaka)

Heard about this place from the Blue Danube Wine importers and was excited to try it as we’ve had no Georgian food at home except for the occasional pop-up. Cute place, pretty big, I presume it fills up with Georgians and Russians on weekends. Quiet on Tuesday night.

Lobio: “Pâté style red beans with herbs, walnuts, tomatoes, and onions” (small, $5.50). Great, never had anything like it. Sort of like an onion and walnut salad with refried-bean dressing.

Guruli Kapusta: “White cabbage pickled with beets, garlic, dill, and spices” (small, $5.25). Simple, good, nice as a side for the meat dishes, didn’t make a lot of sense as an appetizer.

Zharennyi Syir: “Fried cheese served with lemon, tarragon, red hot pepper, and a drop or two of brandy” ($9). Good, similar to Greek or Mexican fried cheese. I’d ask for extra roasted chiles next time.

Pkhali: salad of cabbage, walnuts, “finely cut vegetables & herbs married with lemon & garlic” (small, $5.50). Really good, never had anything like it before. According to the server, depending on the night you might get a version with beets or spinach instead of cabbage.

Special, lamb shank chakapuli ($26). Tons of garlic and scallion? greens, hearty broth, great dish. Ate every scrap and cleaned the bone.

Zharenniyi Yazyik: “Beef tongue wrapped in blanket of herbs and roasted in ghee butter” ($14.50). Came with beet salad and horseradish sauce. Good but was too full to have more than a few bites.

Various Georgian wines, $40 each. Rkatsiteli and Saperavi were good. This was way more than enough food for two. We took home enough for another meal.


Sister restaurant that has been around a few years longer:

I personally think Pomegranate is better, IMO.

How long you in town for @robert?

Heading home a week from Friday. What are your favorites at Pomegranate?

Carrot salad, lamb stew and the honey cake.

Thanks for the writeup and pictures.

I’ll add to ipse’s reply about Pomegranate. Also very good there is the borscht (eaten with khachapuri, a stuffed bread), the stroganoff, and “grandma’s surprise”. I’ve had one of their meat dumplings but can’t remember which – just recall that it was delicious (and filling).

I had intended to order the borscht, but got distracted by all the unusual Georgian dishes.

Both restaurants are best enjoyed with large groups.

If I’m dining with one other person, however, I just order the salad sampler and ask for four servings of the carrot salad!

Went to Pomegranate the other night. Damn, that beef borscht is great.

Salad sampler was great. What a crazy value.

The “vodka” is not good. They’d do better to get soju.

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Whoa. I need this. A lot of cross over with Armenian. Like those beans, we make that

I didn’t see anything resembling kufta.

Kafe Sobaka has closed but Pomegranate is still going.

Thank goodness Pomegranate is OK. Such a fine Russian restaurant.