Ponies are running in Del Mar late Oct-Nov...where to eat?

Red Tractons is my fave…solid drinks and the food kicks serious ass…
Besides Oyster Bar at Fish Market and
Brig for happy hour fish tacos…where else?
Fidel’s for their Chile relleno…DH likes their all white chicken burrito but I like Tony’s next door for their margs…anyone dine at Pamplemousse lately?

Did Alfonso close that deal in SB…craving me those nachos with a cold Modelo right about now…

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Well, of course there’s Sea & Smoke and Cucina Entoteca, which I’m sure you already plan to hit up.

I’m a fan of Sbicca, howbeit a very infrequent guest. No solid consensus on the place from the forums.

This might also be a good time to try new offerings from the new chef at Kitchen 1540.

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I have been hitting up Tony’s over Fidel’s more lately, I have gotten really addicted to their shrimp burrito. Don’t forget on Saturday and Sunday mornings, there is breakfast at the track. You can watch the horses work out and have a glass of Chandon, what a better way to start the morning. It is free to get in and they will comp your parking if you purchase enough food. This past summer California Chrome worked out a couple of times on the weekends.

I’m with you on that LittelStervie. I think Tony’s Jacal kicks butt on Fidel’s, food and ambiance wise. There’s nothing I think Fidels does better, not even their chile relleno which just doesn’t have that addictive melty cheese thing going on. Love all the old Bing Cosby era photo’s and memorabilia at Tony’s too. Plus the all the turkey offerings are just so unusual and good. I think I have the individual tortilla chip Turkey Nachos as an entree every other time I go.

For a slightly more downscale option the Carnitas Snack Shack in Del Mar?

Oh, sorry - I doubt there is anything there that Plumeria Chick can eat. [smirk]

I see on the Eater site that Alfonso’s is going into the Beachwalk mall down on Coast Highway. Not sure, but I don’t think the space that he would be leasing has any outdoor space for tables, which would be a hindrance to him. Never went to Alfonso’s that much except when the SO worked in the Village. From what I remember, it really wasn’t that great except for the ambiance, which will be missing on that stretch of the 101. I guess I will still stick with my boys a mile east in Eden Gardens.

I love watching the morning workouts…drinking a little bubbly, even better!
Thanks and maybe I’ll see you at Red’s or Tony’s…

Yeah. . . not part of my tribe.

Avoid Sea & Smoke. Just, no.

Go to Cafe Secret. To start, get some fried yuca (light, crispy and highly addictive), maybe pair it with anyone of their ceviche, and finish it off with some Peruvian fried rice.

Good stuff.

Sea & Smoke isn’t a destination restaurant but has some decent food (similar to Urban Solace). What didn’t you like at S&S ?

Only been for brunch. Nothing was particularly memorable, and a few things were just subpar. Previous report here.

Brunch is the time for restaurants to use their left overs - it’s like going to a restaurant during restaurant week - waste of time

Not when it’s dim sum.

And I can tell you that it is most certainly not a waste of time to brunch at Kitchen 4140.

Saturday, November 14th is Free fleece Del Mar jacket…
How frigging great is that…
Ponies…bubbly and a free jacket!:racehorse:

Vigilante Brewery and Restaurant is supposed to be opening soon. Hell, you can almost watch the ponies from there and you will certainly be able to hear the races. I am excited about their outdoor concept with Bocce, Horseshoes, and Ping Pong. Sounds like a cool place to hang out and take down a few cold micro-brews. Lets hope the food and drink live up to the setting.

Really like the happy hour bar at Agave Del Mar. Nice atmosphere. Great lobster burrito, atun, carnitas, and veggis tacos, + $3 Drafts. (Ceviche, no bueno)

Their 3 course Atardecer (Sunset, 3pm - 6pm) menu is a pretty good deal as well. Plus the view from their bar is pretty hard to beat.

That’s going in over on the other side of Jimmy Durante, across from the fire station, isn’t it? Not sure how much you can hear let alone see from there. The Brig is still the best place to watch the races, without being at the track. After the remodel, the best place is at the bar, sitting on the patio side.

It is pretty close to the track and fairgounds, but no you would not be able to see anything from there except the parking lot. I still think it’s going to be a neat location though. Right on the water (San Dieguito River/Lagoon). I for one anticipate playing more than a few bocce games there.