Pop Pie Co

I’ve had many a coconut cream pies, and the ones at Pop Pie Co. may be unparalleled.

Unlike most coconut cream pies, this one has thick slabs of actual coconut meat, not just shreds of either fake or dehydrated coconut flesh, and the filling is spiked with just a bit of macapuno strings to give it that nice gelatinous gooey-ness. The pastry cream is also infused with coconut, to make the entire pie reek of coconut (in a good way), and the balance is just right so that the sugar in the filling does not mask the flavor and aroma of fresh coconut.

And, of course, the crust is perfectly flaky and light.

A must-get.

Pop Pie Co.
4404 Park Blvd


I really like their chicken pot pie. Will try the coconut cream next time I’m over there.