POP QUIZ: Which Chinese restaurant uses a Louie Vuitton credit card holder to present your check?

And has the further temerity to charge you $2.98 for steamed Romaine lettuce?

Oh, and @beefnoguy, this place makes pretty darn amazing deep fried taro cubes topped with bonito flakes and “caviar”.

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Not Shanghailander. I was there 2 weeks ago.

Shanghai No. 1?


Is it that secret place beginning with the letter ‘C’?


Here’s a hint. @chandavkl has already reviewed it.

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Bootleg or real LV?

Aw gee thanks.


Patterns impeccably symmetrical and the stamping legit.

Leather felt right too.

… but the stitching is a bit off?!

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I haven’t graduated to uber metrosexual yet.

I don’t keep track of the current SPI count for LV bags and leather goods.

My bad.

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Does it rhyme with Dallas?

I’ll let others play longer. I just texted a friend who told me about this and had to get confirmation of the name.

Does it rhyme with Laotian?



Phallus? D’oh!

Saw some fakes so real in Istanbul they thought the real bag my friend was carrying was fake!