PORK CHOP - Who does the best

Right now my favs are Chi Spacca and Sotto. Any other suggestions? Not a fan of sweet pork chops or fried.

Haven’t been to Chi Spacca, but I agree with your assessment of Sotto.
Super juicy, smokey, and wonderfully spiced/seasoned. I still have some of the recipe cards for it, but haven’t yet attempted it at home…YET.

The pork chop at Republique was very good, but the double-cut chop at Scarpetta was outstanding (it does have a sweet-ish glaze, though):


I’m a fan of it, but curious, you don’t find the fennel pollen prep at Chi Spacca to be sweet?

You ever have the perennial pork chop at Salt’s Cure?

I’m also imagining that maybe Hatchet Hall does a great version, but haven’t been able to eat it, as the one time I went I was with a pescatarian =/

For a while it was mangalista with sweetbreads though… I wish they would bring that back!

I’m really enjoying the Kurobuta pork rib chops at the new Nick and Stef’s. Cobb salad is good too.

By sweet, I mean a fruity glaze. Love Chi Saccca. As to salt’s cure, I thought it was good, but not as good as Chi Spacca or Sotto. I may have set expectations too high.

Great Cobb. I tend to only have lunch there so the pork chop is too heavy for me for lunch. Will try it though. Thanks.

Nah, Salt’s was my go to until I had Chi Spacca’s haha

Sotto never seemed to have theirs on the menu when I went before… time for a return I guess.

It’s pretty much a staple on the menu.

Is their porcetto still available on Sundays or something since no more at a lunch?

Sotto - last night - Pork Chop was insanely delicious. Fennel Pollen and preserved lemon. Cooked perfectly.

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@Novelli you have to check out their Tomahawk Porkchop. it’s crazeeee good!

Why Thirsty.

Perhaps the best Taiwanese pork chop out there. Better than Old Country Cafe.


I’m going to go with Salt’s Cure. Had it for the first time last week. Was fantastic.

Uncle Johns in Downtown. The fried spicy pork chops! Friendly Canto family.

And I grew up on Taiwanese pork chop with rice, egg, and veggies.

They used to give bigger portions. Ever since the remodel hasn’t been the same. Too gentrified.

Chasu Pork omelet is still pretty outrageous.


Never got to sit at the counter at the old location…

it was cool. Elbow to elbow with the your fellow diners, no TV to get in the way, and everyone just hunched down concentrating on their plate of Chinese-American grub. People would talk to each, but no one would ever look up.

And before it was just ketchup and mustard as tableside condiments. Now, it’s like Sriracha has taken over.

Old Country isnt even that good anymore.

I think it’s still a go-to place for folks on Medicare and Medi-Cal.

Sort of like that pair of loafers that just feel right, even though it’s tattered and it needs to be re-soled. Or just thrown away.