Pork Intestine Fix in LA - where do you get yours?

There was a french resto in Culver City where a Chef Bruno used to make andouillette that got better with time. The place closed and try as I might, I could not find where Chef Bruno disappeared to. I heard he and the owner divorced. I even wrote Jonathon Gold, but got no response as to where Chef Bruno went. Then I found Ruen Pair in Hollywood and got my pork intestine fix! They make it insanely tender with a very mild seasoning.

They also do a fantastic papaya salad - I get mine with dried shrimp and peanuts, not a fan of the raw crab one.

Their pork larb is addictive! This is husband’s favorite.

They also make a delicious pork blood soup, but generally get it to-go because it’s too much food! Below is a picture of it reheated the next day chez moi!

Where go you get your pork intestine fix in LA??


[quote=“Xochitl, post:1, topic:4552”]
not a fan of the raw crab one.
[/quote]That seems to be a theme. I haven’t read anyone say they actually like it. I suppose someone must.

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Hi @Xochitl,

Aburiya Raku. Amazing Pork Intestine Skewer (roasted over Japanese Binchotan Charcoal). Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside. Really great. :slight_smile:


I do!

Second raku


I want that Porky . Oh , your’e very lucky .


We found one!

Chengdu Taste

This reminds me: Where is @theoffalo these days?

On Instagram. I’m not on there often. But he recently posted some great looking grilled octopus from chi Spacca. When I saw this thread I thought of him too.

deep fried lunch special at golden lake (cambodian) in chinatown

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Can’t wait to try!! Mouthwatering!

On my list to try!! Thank you!!!

It’s been a while since I’ve been! Want to go back and this is good excuse!

I see people with it on their tables, eating is, so there are clearly fans!

Thanks!! I look forward to trying!!

Figured there must be. I think I’ll leave them to it :slight_smile:.

actually, the previous pic may have come from the now defunct siem reap in long beach.

the lunch special at goldlen lake eatery in chinatown comes with soup, dipping sauce & rice as pictured here:

1.5 hour validated parking in the AI HOA supermarket parking lot.

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Great tip on the market parking! Can get some groceries while I am there!!


I had no idea there was good Cambodian outside of Long Beach, which is a bit of a trek for me. Can’t wait to check this place out!

EDIT: Damn, got all excited at a potential replacement for Siem Reap, only to see your reply that the pic came from there. Still, Golden Lake looks good. How do YOU think it compares to Siem Reap? I’m stoked to see GL has sadao with fish on the menu.

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