Pork Panko

The Pork Clouds are delicious…

At some restaurant I’ve had something (chicken wings?) “breaded” with crushed chicharron and fried, but I can’t remember where.

Shrimp breaded with chicharrones and then fried is outstanding.

Interesting… of course you can get some pretty good pork rinds at most Mexican Markets. My keto friends do that all the time and then use the ‘pork panko’ to make things like Meatloaf or Meatballs. It works really well in that prep vs. grainy ‘breading’

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What on earth? Compliments are getting flagged! :roll_eyes:


Maybe someone thought you were being sarcastic?! Idk, i knew what you meant :man_shrugging:


If you’re not interested in a post or thread, keep it to yourself.

I know!! One of the many short comings of this board is that you can’t always tell who is replying to whom. :confused:

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That’s up to the poster. Nothing stops people from being ambiguous.

I thought it was weird that chicharron crumbs existed and weirder that my friend would pay $16 or more a pound for them, given how much cheaper it would be to buy whole pork rinds and crush them.

Wait, @robert - it sure seems to me that @TheCookie was paying a compliment, albeit in a teasing or joking manner.

It’s the exact opposite of your reading of what she wrote: she is interested in the thread/post and is appreciative of the contribution.

It is like a dinner guest saying, “I wish you’d quit cooking for me,” as they show you a cleaned plate and reach for second helpings.

That is my read, at least.


from what I can tell if there’s no reply icon at the top right of a person’s post that means they’re replying to the post directly above or it’s just a general reply to the thread.


Per a direct message that was the case, but it wasn’t obvious to me at all. The comment wasn’t addressed to anyone in particular or phrased in such a way as to make it clear.

At the end of a topic, there’s a Reply button on the last post, which will reply to the poster, and below that another Reply button that will add a new post to the topic not directed to any particular user:

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