Portland June 2017

Again, another board no one writes on. Been to Portland about 5 times but it has been about 2 years since I was last there. I am sure there have been a million openings since then. Only there for a quick weekend but would love some suggestions for brunch and dinner. Open to all food. Portland does not do super fancy so I prefer more casual upscale. Price is not a huge concern open to all suggestions. Also going doing to do some wine tasting in Willamette Valley any wineries that are must go? Thanks foodie friends.

I haven’t been there in even longer, but there’s a french cafe called I think, “La Patisserie” with great pastries and occasionally interesting ice cream.

I had a chocolate blue cheese ice cream from there that was absolutely stunning.

There is a really wonderful Izakaya in Hillsboro, in the basement of the old Hillsboro library. The sushi is fresh, the soba noodles are firm and tasty, and they have a good sake selection, if I remember right.

And Salt & Straw icecream (on Albany, I think.)

If you want a nice hangout, I LOVE Townshend’s Tea Cafe. Large selection of actual tea varietals in addition to all the vanilla orange blossom lavender chai kombucha.

Good Neighbor Pizza near the airport is a really nice spot, and they do an interesting version of a personal sized stuffed pizza.

There’s Pok Pok, of course, but if you’re in L.A it’s less exciting than much of the local fair. If you’re not able to take advantage of LA’s extensive Thai Town, it’s worth checking out.

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How is this trip going?

I wonder if anyone has tried Jackrabbit up there yet? Seems like an interesting place with 80-clove garlic rabbit and meat in a can etc…

Though I didn’t love the chefs SF spot personally. Somehow his PDX spot looks better.

The trip was good. Portland is such a great city had a nice time. The only real great meal we had was at Ava Genes. Really just phenomenal we ate through that menu. Too much wine that day and I am having a hard time remembering what we had. We got three pasta and a bunch of apps and every bite was phenomenal. I did not find it to be terribly outrageous 3 of us we brought out own bottle of wine and we left stuffed for $170. Overall fantastic meal. Funny you mention Jackrabbit, we went for brunch on Sunday and ended up leaving. We sat and waited forever for a server however there were only two other tables in that section. Finally ordered drinks and oysters and it took probably over 30 minutes again. They put bacon in the bloody mary without saying it on the menu and when friend asked for another one all they did was take out the piece we watched them from the table. Friend is Kosher and 100 percent does not eat pork. We left after this. Didn’t order anything else. However the comped the dozen oysters and three drinks and told my friends who live there to return any time. They do anticipate trying for dinner. But after an experience like this puts a sour taste in your mouth.

Yeah, Ava Gene is a standby for good reason. They made the best version of braciole I think I’ve ever had actually one particular Saturday.

Too bad about Jackrabbit service. Would be fun to hear a good report on it. Wonder if service is always that bad or not.

Not sure, my friends are more than willing to give another chance. I work in a service industry. I expect good service. However I will always give second chances as the food menu looked great.

Wow! The Izakaya happy hour looks super interesting. Game to try this one out while we’re up in the neighborhood.