Portland Maine restaurant recommendations/thoughts

Hi FTCers-

Will be in Portland Maine for one day in April and was curious about a number of restaurants, so thought I would reach out to see if folks had any insights, experiences, gripes, kudos, or warnings about any of them. The list is:

Leeward, Fore Street, Scales, Central Provisions, Chaval, Twelve, and Miyake.

All sounded interesting but can only choose one, alas.

Much appreciate anyone’s thoughts. Thanks!

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We have been to a few of them and they are very different - so it depends which cuisine you might be interested in and also where you live (and what restaurants are easily accessible for you on a regular basis). If you want to experience the restaurant which put Portland “on the map” and is still one of the best in the city you should pick Fore Street



Welcome to FTC!!!

@honkman Thanks for the comments. Probably should have been more specific. I am interested in any type of cuisine…I just love the experience of food…It is more of what the chef does with what is available that interests me. I have regular access to any type of restaurant and cuisine–I live in San Diego, but travel a lot and do my best to experience the food scene wherever I go. Fore Street definitely sounds good.

If you are mot focused on a certain cuisine but want to experience unique, local cuisine than Fore Street is the way to go on your restaurant list. The other places are good but Fore Street is uniquely Portland

At your recommendation I booked a table at Fore Street. Looking forward to it.

If you have for lunch Duckfat us always worth a visit
And no Maine visit is complete without a lobster roll

@honkman Thanks….I did see Duckfat as a possibility for lunch…will all depend on when we get to Portland that day…Full disclosure…I lived in Boston for a long time and my mother has lived and still lives in Portsmouth, so definitely know the joy of a good lobster roll :grinning:

So, a stop at Bob’s Clam Hut is in the plans ?

@honkman Too funny been to Bob’s a Long time ago…actually coming to Portland via Montpelier (watching the solar eclipse on Monday). Other than our Portland eating stop not sure what other eating plans…maybe Tulsi in Kittery sometime during my visit

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