Portland people, spending three nights in your lovely city, what should I eat?

Hey all, I’m spending three nights in Portland in early June. First night, there will only be three of us. I was thinking of trying to get a reservation at Langbaan. Friday night, there will be five of us. Any spots for larger groups? And on Saturday there will be 7! Where should we go?

Is that Russian place worth a shot? How about hipster places that are 20 bucks cheaper than their comparable LA spots because they are in Portland?

Well there is always pok pok, though if you want to avoid the wait just go across the street to the whiskey bar. They serve the wings which is what you want anyway

The K fusion truck serves really tasty Korean tacos (i.e. Kogi)

Good Neighbor pizza does a really interesting variant on a corn meal stuffed crust

There’s an izikaya set up In the basement of the old Hillsboro library. Syun Izakaya

Fresh fish. Good soba. Decent skewers.

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I managed to get a reservation at Pok Pok because there are 7 of us. Actually haven’t been to the LA one or the NYC one, so this will be a fun first try I guess. Not expecting my mind to be blown, but I do hope for some solid food.

Thanks for the suggestions!

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Getting a reservation at Langbaan will be difficult if not impossible with this little time. The owner has just opened a new restaurant called Hat Yai that is specializing is Southern thai fried chicken but supposedly also has some dishes from Langbaan. The Russian place, Kachka, is definitely worth a shot and takes reservations. I’ve been in the main dining room with 6 people and they also have a private dining room.

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Yep, Im on the waiting list at Langbaan now. How much national hype has this place received? Their chefs have cooked at some really great places in Bangkok… Have you been? Just how good is it?

We are definitely go to Kachka, but I’m thinking maybe for happy hour now.

What are your thoughts on Le Pigeon, Ox, Andina, and Beast? Gosh these Portland names are hilarious…

I have been to Langbaan and really enjoyed it but since the meal is very seasonal and we went in January I can’t comment on what you will have. At Kachka, I think the big draw is the Zakuski experience which I don’t think you can get at HH. If you do just go for HH make sure you get the pelmeni. I’ve been to the others on your list except for Andina. They are all really good but so different from each other it just depends what you are looking for. Ox takes some reservations for large parties but is hard to get into otherwise. Beast is a set menu with I think 2 seatings. Le Pigeon is more French with communal tables.

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Hmm, didn’t realize quite how expensive Beast is, my goodness. I’m amazed at how many really expensive tasting menus there are in Portland! Good for y’all.

Looks like I might try for Kachka and Le Pigeon, thanks for the help!

Hope you enjoy your visit!