Post apocalypse Sushi under 100$pp?

Looks like high end sushi made it through the pandemic with some exciting new places but what is the state of sub 100$ sushi?! My brother is in town from Az and would like some good sushi with out breaking the bank (that’s the new baby’s job).

I was thinking of Masakasu, looks like Moto Azabu is still open -had anyone been recently? Any other suggestions


I go to Sushi Gen nearly every week and it still slaps.


Hate to say it - because I have usually been quite happy at Moto Azabu - our the last visit was not very good.

That’s too bad :frowning: i have had some really good meals there

Hoping it was just bad night not a new-norm. I am sure sourcing is not easy these days

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Why would there be supply-chain issues with sushi? other than maybe at the low end, to the extent it comes frozen on container ships.

Shin Sushi in the valley is $120 per person.


Go see Ken-san at Kiriko and just tell him your budget up-front, and he’ll curate an omakase for you.

Happy 4th of July!


Sushi Hide in LIttle Tokyo has a $100 option.


Nozomi in Torrance, sit in the middle bar seats and order seasonal nigiri and negitoro of course.

Sushi Hide in J-Town has the barachirashi which is the best deal in town and will blow your mind like the days of Sushi Tsujita when he used to work.


We’ve been enjoying Sunset Sushi during the pandemic. Their sushi bar is now open for dine in and should be able to keep it around $100pp. Not 100% sure though.


Next door to Nozomi is my favorite Izakaya, Wadatsumi. They have excellent sashimi and charge much less than they could for the quality and authenticity they offer.

In Long Beach, there’s Blue Bird Café, quietly serving up excellent nigiri and American-style rolls, but the chef is Japanese.

In Mid-City, Saké House Miro is another killer Izakaya with sushi. They’ve had to raise their prices a couple times, but still easily under $100pp.

I also just heard Sushi Karen -which closed in Culver City - has reopened in Pasadena.


I’m not sure about you guys, but I enjoyed Sugarfish in Downtown LA. I had their Nozawa Trust Me selection for $37 (before tax and gratuity). Their daily special was Bluefin Toro sashimi 2 pieces.

Stopped by Sushi Tsujita the other night and their omakase is $100 on the dot. 4 appetizer dishes and ~10 pieces of sushi + tamago is what she was saying. They had 4 seats setup at the bar for folks who wanted a bar omakase experience.


Went with the Chow-Pup to Noshi two weeks ago. still pretty good.

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Soregashi in Hollywood will serve you up a proper omakase for right around $100.

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is their chef same as before, or new?

I’m not 100% sure, but I believe it is the same chef at Sushi Tsujita.

Hide-san departed Sushi Tsujita a while back to start his own upscale sushi-ya: Sushi Hide (Little Tokyo).