Post Ikea lunch at Bob's Big Boy in Burbank

Turns out that the Bob’s Big Boy in Burbank on Riverside Dr. is the oldest Bob’s around! We decide to go there after a trip to Ikea, as Ikea is only endurable with something to look forward to immediately after. Plus, my husband I and both had childhood memories from the old Bob’s in Irvine. I was convinced that the double decker would be a letdown. The giant burger from our memories replaced with the reality of a sad, small burger. But nope! It was big! And the small side salad that came in a little dish on the plate was now quite large. I wonder if the kiddies menu still has those small salad dishes?

Husband could not resist a chocolate shake. Minus the cherry, he enjoyed it!

Got the onion rings. Husband really likes the ones at Hamburger Hamlet, but he liked these, too! Crunchy!

I got the club sandwich. Love me a good club! This was good. Not the greatest, but not dry like the Hamburger Halmet club (gotta ask for mayo on that one.) Good!

Good fries, also. I liked that the waitress asked if we wanted hot sauce. Yes, please, Tapatio, please! She was a good waitress and one group came in wanting to be sat in her station.

Husband devoured his double decker.

And you still had to walk to the cashier to pay. Ahhh, the memories!


We went to the one in Norco a couple of months ago. I agree. The food turned out to be a lot more like I remember it than I thought it would. Not the greatest, but a great taste of nostalgia.


Did McD’s steal the Double Decker? (For the Big Mac)


Well, according to this Bob’s, it was his invention!

I worked down the street from that place for almost a decade and can count the number of times we ate there with one hand. We only went there for team/department meals. There’s Cafe Magazzino on Riverside with sandwiches and salads and a small Italian joint, Novo Cafe, across the street that makes fresh pasta daily.
Glad you had a fairly good time at Bob’s.

Our office IT guy LOVES Bob’s and always goes to that location for lunch when he comes to do computer stuff for us. He brought me back a club sandwich and fries last time, but they got completely steamed/soggy in the styrofoam take out container—not good.

Bob’s Burbank Beatle’s Booth


Nice! I try and eat there every few months.

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same here. Been there twice.

Seems like it would be more fun on Friday/Saturday nights with all the cars.

On a tangent, Umami across the street is kaput.

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I think I missed the Umami opening by a scant couple of weeks/months…never got to try that location with the hot dogs.
The classic car night would have been fun to see. I saw the Michael Keaton/Tim Burton batmobile there once when I walked by…that was a trip.

Seasoned salt and all?

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I was remembering that Shoney’s had a Bob’s Big Boy relationship so googled. Here’s something jawdropping!!!

A mere $5k on Etsy.


My parents met at that particular Bob’s in the late 50s.


How fun to actually be able to go to the place your parents met at!

Yep, and I grew up in a city that didn’t allow chain fast food- so whenever my mom didn’t feel like cooking we wanted Bob’s (Costa Mesa). The Big Boy has the childhood memories for me that most have for a Big Mac or Filet O Fish.


My first exposure to “Italian” food was the chili spaghetti at Bob’s, which may explain a lot about my many culinary blindspots.

And it was a traumatic day when the Bob’s Big Boy on Valley in Alhambra (now Noodle World) shuttered.


I really like how this thread is bringing out food memories.


Agreed. I spent lots of nights at Bob’s growing up. @Xochitl’s post definitely brought some good memories back.

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It should be the poster child for FTC


I think this board can forget how important food is from a social perspective. We can infinitesimally disect a particular dish at a particular place at the expense of neglecting the shear joy of the who or why.