Post your Osechi or New Year's feast here!

Happy 2021! There are many chefs and restaurants offering different presentations this time of year. What’s everyone enjoying?

At my household, this year’s December 31 Osechi is from Sushi Tsujita (Sawtelle Japantown)…


Socially distanced provisioning.


Damn, that looks fantastic. What’s the big crustacean in the center?

Thanks! Kuruma ebi, front and center.

No osechi but Kaneyoshi’s sushi definitely did the trick. Happy New Year to all!


Sunset sushi


Cheese plate and shrimp cocktail.

Astrea caviar. Really amazing. Best caviar we’ve ever had.

Scallops in caper white wine brown butter sauce with Parmesan pea risotto and collard greens.

My friend brought us over Portuguese egg tarts

Happy New Year FTC family.


Great stuff indeed.

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Republique - this was…a lot of food.


My wife and I both worked today so we picked up last minute dinner from Osawa in Pasadena. Just a sushi combo, chirashi bowl, angus roast beef, California roll, uni pasta etc…
Uneventful last minute dinner. Looking forward to 2021 when hopefully we can enjoy eating and drinking at a restaurant again.
(I meant uneventful in that we stayed home and it was just the wife and I)
Tonight’s drink: Woodford Reserve (Costco size) cuz it’s been a hell of a year


Some (fairly) last-minute orders from Kiriko and Chef Ai, plus some filler from Nijiya yesterday before the lines got too crazy.


Rossoblu for two.
Was lovely.


Was that just for 2 of you??? We “only” ordered 1 portion, and it was PLENTY for 2 of us.

What was your fav bite? I loved the cheeses (the soft ones + apple marmalade was delicious), the pivithier, and the lamb. Oyster presentation was beautiful. The homemade (presumably) chips were also an unexpected delight. Butter was also insane.

Cavatelli was good, but the lobster bolognese from Melisse x Citrin was better, IMO.

We ordered a “supplement” of strawberry PF pie slice, basque cheesecake (think I prefer Republique’s to Dialogue), and a strawberry sorbet (not yet eaten). :slight_smile:

What am I looking for in a good caviar? Republique’s meal came w/ a small jar. Just a bit of salinity but quite subtle in flavor. Is that “good?”


My better half reaffirmed her hold as “better half” for 2021. She made all of this minus the kurikinton.


So the next FTC meetup is at your place? :smiley:

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I don’t know how you only ordered one potion? All the slots on tock were $160x2?

We did the Melisse thing for 2 as well for Xmas and I make the value argument that it’s enough food for 3 dinners, a breakfast, a brunch, and a snack.

Speaking of too much food, we haven’t even touched the pithivier or lamb yet and only ate one portion of the cavatelli.

Oysters were some of the best we ever had and we immediately looked up morro bay oysters co ($60 for 3 dz + $49 ship to your door)

Oh, how weird. I double checked my order. We placed the order on 12/28, and it was $180 x 1. When did you order? I wonder if they offered a diff option later?

You’re in for a treat. Although probably not as good as the oysters.

Was that listed on the on-line menu (which I can’t access)? I didn’t see it written on the paper menu.

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Oh, whoops. Yes, it was written on my paper menu (face palm).

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Thanks for the order!! glad the pairing worked for you. Sorry about the late response re: pairing!!