Potato and Egg Sandwich?

Is there somewhere in LA that serves a potato and egg sandwich?

For those thinking I got too much blue in me (and you’re probably right), it’s basically scrambled eggs mixed with home fries, served on a Italian hoagie roll.

If you’ve ever been to the typical corner Italian sandwich shop in Manhattan, I think you’d know what I am talking about.

Closest I’ve come to LA is probably the Slut with a side of biscuits at Eggslut. But that Franken-creation is a different creature all unto itself. It’s more BMW i8 than Dodge Viper TA. And sometimes, one hankers for raw, old school horsepower.

The Tortilla Espanola bocadillo at Churros Calientes (on Santa Monica Blvd. in West LA) may not be exactly what you want, but nonetheless it is delicious.

fred 62 makes breakfast sandiwiches with eggs and hash browns and either sausage or bacon you could get them to omit from the sandwich.

But I think the bread is wrong. Ciabatta or Brioche at Fred62.


have gotten a breakfast torta (like burrito) at many trucks and spots over the years…bet you could get this done that way.

Gjusta breakfast sandwich this morning (sorry no potato but still wonderful).

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