Poutine in pasadena

will probably try sometime this week

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Please let us know how it turns out. I’m dying to get some good poutine.

Why wouldn’t you just go if you are dying to get some poutine?

Perhaps its a bit of a schlep…and he is waiting for someone to take it for the team. I know I would drive for real poutine, but I would want to know if it was worth it.

Family responsibilities. I don’t have the time flexibility that I used to, so I have to be selective about restaurants that are further away.

I live right around the corner and have gone 3 times so far. I think their poutine is very good. Fries stay crispy and the gravy is good, and the whole dish is not too salty. They may go a little heavy on the toppings.

Crispy poulet.

Mexican Fiesta.


sorry. i meant to go saturday, but i decided to listen to live blues at big mama’s rib shack and i got their oyster po boy instead.

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hows the rest of the food at big mamas?

sadly, it can be hit or miss. their fried stuff might be the most consistent - people like the fried chicken, and the oysters were a decent size in my po’ boy, so they were crispy but still oyster-y in the middle.,though i can’t really say i’ve had a great oyster po’ boy in s. ca.

if you’re a live blues lover, go for that reason.

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Have you tried their classic poutine with gravy and cheese curds only? The two you pictured look good but definitely heavy on the toppings. I feel like I would need to know that they do the “classic” version well to even try the more customized versions.

No, but the top pic is really just poutine with a sliced, deep-fried chicken breast. The first thing I did was move some of the chicken off the top and try the poutine by itself which I thought was just as good as Smoke’s poutinerie’s version.

thanks for the info.


New Poutine specialist in Pasadena. Thanks to @secretasianman BarryC for the heads up.

Authentic Poutine (Fries, Gravy, Cheese Curds):

Pretty tasty. Only tried it once so far, but the Fries were still crispy, holding up to the Gravy which is Vegan(!), but delicious, and the Cheese Curds were awesome when you mix it with the hot Gravy and it melts and stretches.

1802 E Washington
Pasadena, CA 91104
Tel: (626) 486-2800


Found this photo on Yelp. Sign me up.

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Kudos to @Chowseeker1999 and @wienermobile.

It takes quite a bit of talent to make poutine photogenic.

Agreed. It is “natto” easy…

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Spudds must be doing OK because they are opening a second location in Montrose.

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Doesn’t say on the website when the live music is…


I believe there’s a coverage charge as well.

the last time i went you could sit in back out of the view of the live act, but i think zack is now trying to charge cover either way, which i find annoying.