PPQ Dungeness

I love coming here during crab season, got the dinner for two plus an additional peppercorn crab.

Imperial rolls, chicken salad

roasted crab

garlic noodles
They must put crack in this. Pro-tip take some crab meat, noodles, and melted butter from the roasted crab for the perfect bite.

peppercorn crab
Fried with a crunchy batter and bits of garlic.


The local season ended two weeks ago.

i was there a couple weeks ago, just lagging in the post.

Anyway there’s still good crab coming in from Alaska.

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Are they related to Crustacean?

ETA: Isn’t the WA State season open?

I think Washington, BC, and Alaska are all still open.

Crustacean and PPQ Dungeness are both spinoffs from the family’s original restaurant, Thanh Long.

That’s funny. I always thought that Thanh Long was a spin off of Crustacean. I haven’t eaten there in over 20 years so my memory is weak :slight_smile:


Super article. Thanks for sharing. A quick google looks like the Vegas one didn’t make it and I can’t find anything about Union Square. ???

Wait, I was wrong. PPQ is a knockoff of Thanh Long but I guess has no connection to the An family.

In 2007 they were still working on the Sutter St. location: Crustacean heading south

Their web site shows they have at least one new restaurant in the works, but has no info about it beyond the name: http://www.houseofan.com/

Good question cat. Looking at this made me think - I need to get over to Crustacean for my annual fix of Spicy Crab & Garlic Noodles.

imperial rolls, cabbage salad with chicken

roasted crab with garlic, butter, spices
Great excuse to eat straight butter

garlic noodles


Just a side note to say that I learned to make imperial rolls after eating my weight’s worth in Vietnam. Dang, they’re good.

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