Praiseworthy Pizza Popup | Outta Sight | Pick and Pics

Pizza is food for the people. When I was poor I ate pizza. Now that I’m a little less poor I still eat pizza. Sometimes I splurge at a $20+ per personal pie pizza joint like Flour + Water Pizzeria or Del Popolo. Most often though I find myself crushing an extra large Hawaiian style from Seniore’s with my roommates, bottle of Tapatio at hand. I wish I had foresight to scroll Netflix to find the perfect thing to watch before the pizza arrives. I guess we’ll settle again for the 24/7 Kitchen Nightmares/Wild N Out channel. Hot slice hot slice getcha hot slice!

Pizza should be craveable and crushable. I wanna eat one too many slices without even thinking about it and a couple days or weeks later, be the only thing I can think about.

I first heard about Outta Sight pizza through a friend who knows about these things…Outta Sight pizza is the brainchild of Chef Eric Ehler, who was most recently the executive chef at Fort Point. It’s now a semi-regular Monday night popup at the SF best in class pizza palace, PizzaHacker. I’d describe his pizza style as neo-New York, a nice crunchy thin crust with pleasantly melty low moisture mozzarella.

The Freddy
clam pie, reminded me of just the best parts of clam chowder, a mouth watering meatiness from the bacon perfumes the air when you open the box, clean brineniness from fresh clams and bright lemon zest that cuts through the richness and brings all the elements together. Delicious!

The Madonna
the big cheese. Melty, dotted with creamy bites of fresh mozzarella. I ate at least 3 slices on the way home. I wish I had a miller high life.

The Tina
Classic pepperoni. Why can’t all pizzas come with fresh basil and come finished with salty grated cheese on top?

At $25 a pop they’re a steal. Get some before the pizza pilgrims declare a Mecca. By then it’ll become a June’s like mission to snag an order.

Pre-order only, see their Instagram for dates and ordering.


I just went today for their Someday case special (pickled stonefruit), $6.25; it’s not a popup anymore, a storefront on Larkin in the TL.

The pizza was lovely and just as good as the Dylan (current pie Tavern is similar) pie I had back on November 21 when they were a popup at Fig & Thistle.

So, are you folks saying Outta Sight Pizza has been around since Jan '21? damn, I thought it was fairly new…went there in June and it was fantastic!!! really great pizza, slices like pictured, a “grandma” and a pesto slice were delish! great crust though this pesto crust somehow broke apart…I’ll chalk it up to gremlins…great hole structure, airy with perfect balance of crunch & chew…the sausage on my other slice(not pictured) was a bit dry but was tasty with a nice fennel spice! wish it was here in LA!