Preferred frozen dumplings - SGV?

My house is celebrating two birthdays next week, and we like having frozen dumpling dinners.

We’ve been going to Cindy’s Kitchen. Do you all have other places you love? All recommendations are welcome. I am allergic to shellfish, and sometimes my partner declines to eat it because of me.



@TonyC is partial to You Kitchen.


You Kitchen and Qingdao Bread Food for their fish dumplings. Not sure what would be the preferred for pork. Mama’s Lu?


Second JThur01’s choices. Also Mama Lu and Beijing Pie House.

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Just finished up one bag of Mama Lu’s pork, shrimp and chive dumplings. Awesome. And a bargain at less than $20 for 50 big dumplings. Tried another bag of the xlb. It was okay, but the skin kept breaking, which totally defeats the purpose of xlb.


My stash of dumplings from Cindy’s is running low, so I’ll get out to one of the above soon. I did pick up a bag for gifting today from Mama Lu’s. Shrimp, chive and pork as suggested above. It sounds great, right?

I also picked up frozen scallion pancakes I’m thinking about keeping.


Shrimp pork chive is probably one of the most classic flavors! My mom and grandma would make those all the time

The post dumpling eating burps are pretty epic

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I like You Kitchen’s, it’s handmade by a Auntie from Shandong so she’s knows dumplings.

It’s what I describe as “ching” in Mandarin, light in flavor light on the filling. Doesn’t mean it’s bland btw. I really don’t know how to explain this concept in English

If you are looking for something more filling. I probably look elsewhere.

Not mentioned but have you had Shanghainese style wontons? (I know not dumplings). Try Little Shanghai in Rowland Heights. They also have dumplings and baos