PrepKitchen La Jolla

Happened into this excellent place entirely by accident. Just got into town, needed some groceries, went to Costco and Von’s, decided to grab dinner somewhere, and it was right there. We were hoping for decent at best, so were surprised to luck into somewhere that would have been worth going out of our way for after 9pm on a Monday.

My phone camera doesn’t do justice to this lovely dish of duck confit, lentils, and pickled beets. Really great combination and went very well with the eccentric Veneto IGT red blend the server recommended, which I’d never heard of before and turned out to be from a local importer. Tasted my companion’s bean and bacon soup and shrimp and bacon salad, both excellent. We’ll go back for sure.

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We’ve had mostly excellent dishes at both Prep Kitchen Del Mar and La Jolla, with just a few clunkers. Wife just loves their warm white bean salad when the have it.

At least for the Little Italy PrepKitchen, I like the atmosphere, esp. the communal table.

Glad you liked it. We do too but not sure I would’ve thought to recommend it to out of towners, maybe that should change.

If you liked PrepKitchen you could also try Whisk’n’ladle in La Jolla closeby from the same restaurant group and executive chef - a bit more playful/creative dishes on a nice patio