Present for boss

Thinking of something cheap, kinda healthy, and delicious. Cheap because we usually don’t get each other anything. I would just do a sprinkles cupcake, but he is a healthy eater. Hopefully close to mid-city, Hollywood, Beverly Hills. Anything from the farmers market?

so… special but not sweets? hmm… does he like food? you could do great charcuterie/cheese from Marcel but it’ll cost you

How much?

No, I would like to do something sweet. I may just do the cupcake. I was just hoping maybe someone had some other thoughts.

half a pound of toffee sticks from Little Johns - don’t give a shit how healthy he is, nobody can resist this.


Then I would have to get me some pecan pralines!

Not seeing a problem here


cupcakes aren’t only not special, they’re an insult to cakes lol :p. just go to Dominique Ansel

Seriously, the best option. Comes gift wrapped too.

And get what? A cronut?

Cake and kouign-amann

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The elderberry Pavlova at DA is delicious, looks beautiful, and is relatively virtuous.

Sprouts gift card

Dude pack… Go to whole foods and get a bag of fancy pork rinds, fancy beef jerky, one nice big bottle of beer.


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How about a huge, gorgeous, heirloom tomato from the farmers’ market? I paid $3.50 for one on Saturday.

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skip the cronut, get multiple DKA’s.


I just ate my phone looking at that pic.

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the. best.

OP wants “cheap.” Is that “cheap”?

ETA: What does OP consider “cheap”?

Little johns is great. Along the same lines and something with a cute story (made by nuns!) is the peanut brittle from the monastery of the angels in Hollywood (nr Franklin x gower). Most ppl love their pumpkin bread but I’m not a huge fan(too heavy on spices) but I love love love their peanut brittle. They are super crunchy and always very fresh. It’s been a while but I think it’s like 10 bucks for a good size.


I believe a 1/2 pound is somewhere between $10-$15. But they also sell the toffee by the stick or broken up sheets (which are also delicious).