Prik Hom - SF

prik hom has gotten a lot of press from michelin, the nyt (twice) and the sf chron. and the place lives up to the hype. sergio comes from a fine dining background and has worked at michelin starred restaurants in bangkok. everything from the starters to the desserts were extremely flavorful and well balanced. the only miss were mealy shrimp in the stir fry.

would definitely go back.

scallops and lemongrass - seared scallops, shredded lemongrass, chili jam, toasted coconut with herbs and coconut cream dressing

crab meat khao soi shot - egg noodle, khao soi curry, fresh shallot and spicy mustard greens pickled

fried oyster mushroom - crispy and gluten free with sweet and sour sauce

branzino yum - inspired from “khao pla kae” deep fry fish, herbs, shallot, garlic fennel, little gem lettuce with medium spicy thai fish sauce dressing

pork belly with chinese five spice soup - with pickled green mustard and chinese broccoli

beef shank green curry - slow cooked 5 hrs, spicy green curry, thai eggplant, thai basil and red fresno peppers

yellowtail thicken red curry - fingerroot and hen of the woods mushrooms

spicy shrimp in the jungle - medium spicy - shrimp from monterey fish market, red fresno peppers, serrano peppers, thai eggplant, thai basil, makrut limes leafs and fingerroot

eggplant with basil - fermented soy bean, ginger and garlic

lychee popsicle - lime, orange zest, fruit preserve, young ginger and crispy shallot

smoked young coconut ice cream - smoked with thai old style candle, young rice sauce, sweet poached palm seed and fluffy sweet rice

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