Prime Pizza West LA location

had my first slice at this Westside branch of Prime…the crust on a reheated square slice was very good but I was a bit put off by the square choices…there was a “regular” square slice(mozz, sauce & a bit of basil) and I went for the other even though I was very dubious…it was a red sauce slice with ricotta AND pesto…ok, I’m obviously a traditionalist but I honestly don’t remember ever seeing pesto on a “red” slice…Sorry, I did not like it! didn’t really taste the pesto…and I mentioned it to the mgr…very odd…much prefer the garlicky pesto taste on a white slice as in Pizza Wagon in SO…

also, tried Prince St Pizza…their deservedly lauded pepperoni square slice…It was a reheat but the crust seemed a bit less airy and crisp than I remembered from NYC…the foto is from NYC with noted pizza aficionado, Adam Kuban… sorry, no photos from the W Hollywood branch…I’ll have to try a fresh, whole pie one of these days!