Prime Tomahawk Ribeyes at Costco

I was at the Van Nuys Costco yesterday and they had their seafood section set up. In the middle of it they were selling these gigantic prime ribeyes with bone on at $13.99 lb. That is such a steal. They also had NY Strips and short ribs.

I assume this is just for the holidays.

Wow that IS a great deal.

Tustin Costco had them as well before Thanksgiving except theirs was puro carne.

Did it look like this? And yes, I took a picture of it because I am Asian like that.

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Same at the MdR Costco. They usually have good selections on Prime ribeye and NY strip, but the Prime short ribs at $6+ caught my eye.

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It certainly did!

They had this for some time now. I think it may become a usual feature, much like the seafood roadshow.
Their beef quality and prices have markedly improved lately. I hope it continues.

Anyone have any info on where I can find this “meat roadshow” again? I’ve been going to Costco’s every weekend to try to find this and no one seems to have any idea when this will take place. Particularly interested in the Los Feliz costco location.

holiday bump, any leads, or info on how/where we can find a schedule for these?

I don’t see the meat roadshows listed on the roadshow calendar.