Prince Street Pizza

45 minutes. 13 grease chalices. 2 slices per person. $6.50 each. Glad i tried it. Wouldn’t wait for it again.

spicy spring - fra diavolo, spicy pepperoni, fresh mozzarella
Great thick, crispy crust. Thick pepperoni. Wish there was more grease in the cups.

prince perfection - fresh mozzarella, marinara
This was fine, crust seemed undercooked compared with the spicy spring.

paging @Sgee, @lapizzamaven, @Gr8pimpin, @Ns1

arrived 15 minutes before opening and was surprised to be the first one there. what a difference a week makes. @js76wisco, @hungryhungryhippos

got a whole pie and even straight out of the oven I was I bit disappointed the crust was still flaccid. after reheating in the toaster oven it was much better #teamreheat

this might be the prince of square slices but I still think the king is il romanista.


after-pizza bang at the new pizza and sandwich shop from nancy silverton inside the citizen public market in culver city. shout out to the rooftop dining area.

margherita - mozzarella, tomato, basil & extra virgin olive oil
I wish I had uni for scale because they weren’t kidding, this pizzette was small. their slogan “every bite matters” is apropos, at $10+tt, 4 slices, 3 bites per slice, this was $1.10 per bite. the crust was thin and flaccid, the cornicione was airy and crisp, sauce was flavorful. next time i’ll stick with the stuffed pizzettes…

hand for scale

porchetta, roasted burnt onions, arugula, anchovy-caper-currant relish, fennel pollen
served cold with thinly sliced porchetta, this was fantastic. the onions and arugula reminded me a bit of the father’s office burger.


It seems all of NYC is coming to L.A. All except the one I want: White Castle.


I made an east coast pilgrimage based on a certain movie and my disappointment could not be contained. All I could taste was ketchup.

Man I’m not sure if I can make this work but if it’s even 90% of what it is in NY it’ll be great.

Is this pizza really that good?

Probably the best $4 you can spend in NYC


Oh, lordy, I know. Although I was a Krystal gal from Atlanta. We went out of our way to get “WCBs” in Queens a few years ago. But my lunch today was two frozen WCBs MWd. Really quite tasty.
Image result for white castle burgers

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It’s good! Hopefully it travels well.

@J_L, I know it’s not the same but many grocery stores in SoCal sell White Castle burgers in frozen food section. Still tasty!

I’d be happier with an Artichoke pop-up.

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I totally agree as I mentioned above. “It ain’t love but it ain’t bad.” :slight_smile:

Thanks, I know that (there’s a few boxes in our Subzero as I type)… And you’re right. Not the same.

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If you had white castle L.A would rule the food world .


Yes. It’s insane. But I have my doubts about the quality translating in a pop up.

G-d bless you, @PorkyBelly!!


ha, ha!

In-situ (in Soho) it is fine but not worth the wait.
Just another place that owes its current cache to Foodavision and the need-to-Instagram more than deliciousness and local customers.

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I think that’s a superb comment. I fear I see that here also. The whole trendiness, I want to be there first thing.

What slice? I thought the artichoke slices there were very dense with too thick crust. I never had a regular slice to be fair.

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I hear the grandma as the one to get, at least that’s what my friends say

Sicilian slice and the crab slice (I’m in the minority on the crab slice, but I did enjoy it).