Prince Street Pizza

Just opened in Malibu this past month. Have Pasadena on deck and a couple other locations.

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LA went from having minimal slice shops to Prince St and Prime competing for real estate. What a time to be alive.


I don’t think the OC got this memo. We will wait patiently but I know this market is untapped.

If Brea/YL can support a Whole Foods, Bristol Farms and Tokyo Central we will crush the hell out of Prime Pizza. I’m personally in for 2x to 3x per week.


Prime seems pretty strategic in their locations. A Prime location in almost every part of the city and county. Granted some of these areas could easily add another location. Orange County is definitely up next. It is prime for the taking because there is no competition in Orange County.


Visited the sunset location a few times. Each time I said to myself “no reason to go back.”

IMHO, Square is superior to round. I’d rather have Prime’s square (really a grandma).

What’s funny is the way I found out they opened. My neighbor, showed me this app called TooGoodToGo. It’s an app where you can order the surplus or leftover food as “mystery bags” from a number of places, usually bakeries, bagel and donut shops. But on the list near me came up Prince St., Pizza in Studio City. My guess is they sell what’s left of their pizza at the end of the night into these “mystery bags.”


funny! Ive been to the Sunset branch a couple times bc it’s not far…havent tried a fresh pie but the squares I tried not long after they opened were pretty good…do prefer Prime but I may go to Studio City to give it another shot…I did have a great pepperoni square years ago at the original!

these days theres so much great pizza in LA theres no reason to risk disappointment! right?

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