Private Party Restaurant (Monterey Park)

No, not a request for a private party restaurant.

But about Private Party Restaurant.

A new hot pot restaurant with a charcoal setup for grilling skewers.

No biggie right? Except this place takes kitsch to the next level.

If Indian is all about Native American garb and what-not, this place is all about the Communist Party, and fealty to Chairman Mao. Down to the servers wearing Red Army garb.

We had the lamb shoulder, beef tongue and a few other items including gizzard and (wait for it) Spam! Who knew the Chairman was into spicy canned ham product. So forward thinking of the dude.

Word to the wise, don’t order the shrimp. They come headless. WTF!?

Oh, and if you go, you must visit the restroom.

Private Party Restaurant
3rd Floor of the Atlantic Plaza
111 N. Atlantic Blvd, Monterey Park
(Cross street Garvey)


Finally! A place where I can proudly rock the KMT thug gear…

Looks like a change of heart from the prevailing sentiment several years ago

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It’s enough to make a man want to join the Falun Gong…

I find it interesting that Quitting The Chinese Communist Party has been replaced by a golf shop.

C’mon ips. Nothing about how a bland-as-fuck Beijing-er shabu shabu joint has absolute shit beef?

Form over function? Et tu?

I have yet to have good hot pot in SGV (west or east).

I’m now just numb to vapid meat.

Although, I must admit, the Spam was, well, anything but bland.

Tend to agree with you about SGV hot pots as compared to the rest of the world. However, Private Party was the first hot pot I’ve been to in these parts where I really didn’t have to rely on the sauce counter for flavor. But frankly I prefer the predecessor Szechwan Hot Pot and its $8 AYCE hot pot over Private Party’s much more expensive fare.

I think Ha Di Lao is pretty good. Nice decor too and AYCE cloud ears and cukes. :yum:

$3.95 for cilantro? i think i’ll pass.

i lament the passing of the $8 AYCE hot pot myself.

This is perfect hot pot weather.

That’s what we’re having for Thanksgiving.

i was thinking of doing one at home tomorrow but i decided to accept an invitation to celebrate the holiday with some friends. i will probably do one for christmas.