Priya - Berkeley

This is a lunch buffet report only. I went once within the past year and it was perfectly acceptable. Today, I gave it another try. Other than the guy who is your host, waiter, and probably owner who doesn’t really seem that happy anyone walks in, it is a worthwhile stop. I sampled a few things, but today’s star was the goat curry, which ended up being my primary meal, over rice, with some not-bad-for-buffet naan. The pakoras were cold. The dal was very thin, and tasty (I put it in a soup bowl). Slight heat coming through most of the food. Choice of 3 chutneys. There were a number of things I didn’t try, as I was set with my goat curry. Ten bucks plus tax.

That’s my favorite Indian buffet place. There’s a big variety of dishes in their rotation, many that you just don’t find elsewhere (hard-boiled eggs in a tomato-curry sauce, for example). I also love the dal, in the soup bowls.