Probably a foolish question whose answer is glaring me in the face, but

One of the things that I did like from the now-dead last iteration of Chowhound was the ability to sort any category by its date of creation, not last post–ie., I’d go to the Los Angeles board and could choose to sort by the latest thread created, and the category would then be sorted by thread creation date, not latest post within that category. And the threads, as well, would behave similarly–the last post in response to the OP’s comment/question would immediately fall to the bottom of the thread. (Responses to individual posts within the thread would appear under that post.)

Does FTC have that functionality? If it does, how do I go about making that my default? (Every time I was logged out of CH, the categories would revert to last post in what could be a thread from years back at the top of the page, but I could just click on “sort by latest thread” and all was right with the world again. Until I was logged off again.)

Anyone…? Thanks in advance! (And apologies in advance if I’ve worded my query poorly.) And thanks, Robert, for getting FTC up and running as soon as you did!

I’m not sure, but: