Profile of Tony Chen on World Journal (in chinese)華裔瘋美食-4年吃掉「1棟房」/


Who is Tony Chen?

Why none other than our very own fire-breather: @TonyC !!!


so who is going to translate for us non-chinese speakers? or some pull quotes? maybe a couple of fun highlights?

Do a Google search for “Tony Chan and World Journal.” (Not Chen). The hit for the article has a translate option, though the translation is very rough. I believe World Journal has a dedicated food editor. She interviewed me a couple of years back. I have no idea what that article really said.


hahaha----to say the least! Thanks for the laugh!

My rough translation is: Tony eats out a lot and writes about his experiences in various places and has strong opinions (as we are well aware). Nice write up + pics!

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I read and write Chinese. Traditional, not simplified.

This is what the article says.

Tony knows his Thai, at least when it comes to Jitlada. If you tell him, “Jitlada, that shit is overrated and overpriced.” He will snort his nostrils (the ones in his FTC avatar) and then school you on exactly what dishes to get from the Jitlada menu. Then you’ll go, and realize, “yeah, never piss off those nostrils.” And it’s not just Thai that the man knows, and likes. He’s big into Sichuan food, too. At least if you’re talking about Chengdu Taste. He takes great pride in being their pseudo-PR machine. He also likes his burgers from GCM Belacampo. Especially the “poverty” one.

Oh, and back to those nostrils? And flame? Get him started on Baroo …


Ipse’s translation is much better than the google translation :laughing: really funny.

(sidenote–if your going to have nostrils as your avatar—pig nostrils are probably the way to go)

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It’s all Chinese to me but dang, Tony Chan, you are a handsome man!
Giving my baby doll, Ipsé, a little run for the money…

@chandavkl: your Google search algorithms are way different than mine.

At any rate, here are some of the priceless snippets from Google translate:

  • “One 陈弘涛 heart water restaurant, GwangYang capitalists barbecue.” (caption)
  • “… also had to eat, eat a four-year 30 million, equivalent to a house into each restaurant’s cuisine.”
  • “Tongue is too good not to complain”
  • “… he is crazy food critic”
  • " Sometimes the mouth is too sinister…"
  • “… Tony said, the food is really Crouching Tiger”
  • “… frozen dumplings, but also gave him a kind of intimacy…”
  • “… his family’s nanny craft overseas Chinese in Thailand is very good…”

I was expecting Tony C to look like a Stephen Chow movie character. He looks nothing like the flame-throwin’ demonic guzzler I imagined. Where’s the ginormous nostrils and the pitchfork?


•“… also had to eat, eat a four-year 30 million, equivalent to a house into each restaurant’s cuisine.”
Should be “he spent $300,00 in restaurants in Chicago during a 4 year period”.

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So THAT’S how his nannycraft got so strong!


Thanks. :slight_smile: I assumed some zeroes might’ve been added in the translation… :wink:

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