Proof Bakery

still good ???

do they still do paris brests ???

and those chocolate croissants ???/

Their best 2 items are the croissants and their almond croissants.

fucking paris breast ???

that pastry dough was immaculate to the proverbial tee and

that pastry cream piped in was pure bliss.

Sea salt chocolate chip cookie

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I haven’t seen those in a while. But why not call and ask?

(Must resist 5th grand humor. Must resist …)

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Chocolate chip cookie and baguette are among my favorites. Still find the place overpriced but the quality is definitely there.

Has anyone tried Dune, the new middle eastern place across the street?

I’ve enjoyed Dune the couple times I’ve been. I’m no falafel expert, but I thought theirs was pretty damn good, bread grilled to order and pickles and sauces and shit. I preferred it to madcapra. Have yet to try the lamb sandwich. The place is pretty fucking precious and hip though, so be prepared.

Does Dune happen to serve third wave coffee ???

Any desserts beyond the Valhalla ilk ???

I’m not a fan of fucking Madcapra either.

Btw, why’s it named as such ???

I thought Dune’s falafel was fine. But their Lamb was no bueno. :frowning: (super salty, overcooked.)

It’s the spice. The spice must flow…


Not sure if Dune serves fancy coffee, but it’s certainly the type. Menu written in white chalk pen on the mirror etc.

Though since they’re so close your best bet, if serious, is the Dune/Proof falafel/pastry/coffee combo. In some order. And then stop in at Bill’s on the corner for a bottle of fine craft beer, maybe pop back across the street to the tiny bookstore and then a quick round of very loud, awkward, smelly dance workout class at heartbeat or w/e. what a time to be alive in atwater.

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that too.

but I fucking meant Madacrapa ???

I keep on thinking of Disney’s Mad Hatter when I hear the GCM falafel joint mentioned.

bumping this thread. Love this place, deservedly popular with the locals.
Their coffee bean selection is great.
Really love their sandwiches (released at noon daily), simple but perfectly balanced and delicious.

Their cheesecake is always very good, topped with seasonal fruit. We got a new seasonal cake from them, lemon chiffon; pure lemon flavor with a nice meringue covering; the edible flowers were pretty but didn’t add much in terms of taste.


had a croissant sandwich today, the damn thing was incredible. I regret not taking a picture now.

Great QPR too - a croissant sandwich AND a chocolate croissant is $11, a sandwich alone is $9.

Croissants today were on point - I get it now.