Providence: Perfection @Home - Tour de France × 2 Provençal Dirty Vodka Martini

Really enjoyed the salad nicoise bouillabaisse and cherry clafoutis (as expected).
The breads - olive fougasse and garlic croutons were unexpectedly mind-blowing.

Loved the dirty martini too…just the right balance with lovely herbs.


Cimarusti’s video is great - love when he suggests pouring the broth over the seafood at the table “for your guests.”


En Voyage by Providence: Marseilles

The first take-out I’ve tried which was accompanied by its own YouTube video… (alas, no, I did a 180 in my initial decision on playing “La Marseillaise” in the background on endless repeat as we dined - LOL)

I broke out my spouse-harmony plates (I jokingly call them Scylla & Charybdis - long story) in dishing out this bouillabaise feast. Salade niçoise tasted fresh, as if it was just harvested from a mediterranean garden.

The cherry clafoutis with fresh vanilla crème fraîche for dessert was so, so choice…


Definitely the weak link.
Good cherry flavor and the vanilla creme fresh was fantastic, but the “pastry/pudding” base (even heated up, as MC suggested) did not really pop.

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