Providence Update in Photos



Thanks for the update @Porthos. Very unfortunate about the salting issue on a few dishes. You should’ve brought it up to them after the 2nd or 3rd time it happened.

You know you’re at a special place when they gave you 7 Amuse Bouche! LOL :slight_smile:

The Spot Prawns with Rice Cracker looks great! Drool. :slight_smile:

And I can’t believe you left the Foie Gras! :slight_smile:

Nice pics and thoughts. Thanks.

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Beautiful pictures. Thank you for posting them!

That’s what I was thinking, too!

Great report. Did you let them know about over-salting?

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um…hey corky mcorkage, what did you drink with this stuff, please?


I was wondering the same thing.
“corky mcorkage” hilarious.

“Salty”… Chefs become tongue blind to salt. Even the best. It’s a shame.

Amazing stuff

A bit disappointing

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Dishes look a bit more updated / au courant. Shame about the salt.

Was Sergio (Chef Cimarusti) helming the line that night?


thanks for this.

in an effort to be the archest archdick this board has or will ever see, i must ask:

what kind of glass is that vintage krug in? looks like a reg’lar white wine glass rather
than a flute or coupe.


Pretty sure spots 1-10 are taken already so you don’t have to worry about that title :wink:

The glass was actually a krug champagne glass brought out just for the Krug. Looks big because it is in the foreground.

Their wine program is top notch.

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Gorgeous pictures and I’m sure the food was stellar!

No go for me booking n/Naka on my trip next month, so this may be next on the list.

Porthos, what is the regular corkage fee here? And what is the markup generally? Is the wine list available online (I don’t see it on their web page)? Do they carry any sake?

If I were to get a bottle of white, any recommendations that would last the whole tasting menu? Meursault? Chablis? Alsace?


Off Topic Alert!

Isn’t there some controversy as to whether champagne shouldn’t be had out of a white wine glass anyway? Thoughts / comments?

I think corkage is $35? Don’t quote me.

Markup is 2-3x.

There are some good white burg selections under $100. Look for their Carillon Puligny Montrachet.

If it’s not a great Chablis it’s probably just better to order off the list since cost + markup will cost you the same. Also if the wine is corked or bad the restaurant will replace their bottle. Finally, you ensure the wine is at proper temp.

I actually drink my champagne out of burgundy glasses. The nose is more expressive.

There is the argument that you lose bubbles but a good champagne will hold up just fine and will develop with air like any good wine.

Thanks I was curious about that

awesome report!! This reminds me that I need to get back over there. I’m glad they finally changed up their tasting menus.

FYI, Chef Cimarusti takes every Sundays and Mondays off, so that may have had something to do with the salt levels. But I’m still surprised that happened at a restaurant of this caliber.

I freaking love Krug.


That’s BALLING China party boss style. The DRC market price is over USD$1,000 per. With the Krug, that’s about 40 grand in wines.

Wait, even China don’t party like that any more. At least not in a public venue. :wink:

We got a good deal on the wines. Not even if you subtracted a zero from your estimate :wink: