Providence white truffle menu

Has anyone ever done it? According to websites its $500 pp, for a such a steep price I am curious to know what is on it. Have a reservation for November and debating if I want to do it or not.

Well if anyone would like to start a Kickstarter for me to grub there, just let me fucking know.

Then I’ll report back to you Mr OriginL Poster.

That’s really steep. They tend to be miserly with shaving portions … Personal experience and also a recent post by darindines

Maybe Valentino is the joint to fucking hit up when whitey truffles happen to hit their utter fucking prime ???

That price makes Maude look quite appealing…

Been there, done that. Piero Selvaggio himself was going table to table, and shaved some VERY generous portions of this gargantuan alba truffle onto my pasta dish and then, without hesitation, shaved some more. No complaints there.